Friday, April 20, 2007

only moth balls

I ran out of pennies for the fountain of youth. My pockets are bare, my wallet is full of receipts only... while stuck in traffic today I realized I am well into this game of Chess (I will always remember that conversation Amy Marie...)... Perhaps the reason I don't feel so sexy and young is because my daily routines are just that... routines... nothing new... nothing exciting... I have adapted...

Proof I am aging to 'old'-

My now social life revolves around CSI every week

I wear socks to bed now

I didn't know what an 'Alien urine sample' was till last week

I have found myself chewing Tums several times a day

I now understand the practicality of the mini van

I am limited to drinking caffeine only before 4pm

The number of people who recognize my 'Sublime' and 'Reel Big Fish' ring tones are few to none

We only go out to dinner with coupons and/or when drinks and appetizers are half off.

I am counting calories

I leave the house with sufficient time to get to my destination

I am obsessed with HGTV

I play the game of seeing how many days I can go before busting out the razor

I do all my laundry (even the bed sheets) on a weekly basis

I buy cards to send to my friends and family for every holiday

I am terrified of new drivers

I found myself counting my brown spots (too much sun!) the other morning

I actually ironed clothes for a wedding two weeks ago

I have no qualms about waking up before 6am anymore

I read the TV Guide

I carry around a toilet seat cover in my purse

---shakes head, stares at the floor and shuffles back to bed...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Confetti and piñatas

Today is my super special day and for some reason I just can't get all jazzed up. I could list pages and pages with sob stories and guilt trips, but what is the point… seriously… I feel like such a cry baby… gah… It is just another day… much like yesterday and tomorrow. We aren't doing anything. It is honestly no big deal. Sometimes when you're learning to be a grown up you have to give up certain childhood events, like confetti and piñatas.

"You are becoming what you already are" has been on my mind for the last few weeks. A fortune from a cookie my freshman year of high school. Funny how I remember, it must have had an impact of some sort. What do you make of it?

Geez I am starting to feel old. I had a list of things I wanted to do before I am 25. One more year till the deadline and have only accomplished one thing. Maybe I should scratch the list completely, or push the deadline back a few years.

Daniel and I are going to start looking at apartments. We REALLY do NOT want to rent again, but some things are inevitable. Maybe its karma for all the mean things I do to the people I can't stand… like my brother in laws girlfriend… being evil does feel so good though… (Snickers and laughs)….Having an accomplices makes it much more exciting, you can share the joy of what you sow… I miss you Amykins lala…

Ok so I should get ready for work… xoxoxoxoxoxo