Tuesday, June 2, 2009

psh... it happens

I need to be studding for my final, but blogging trumps studding… sooo hear I am. I honestly don’t feel like writing anything but I also feel like I owe the world a Whipple family update.
Elijah is a whole 8months old! He is in such a hurry to be a “big boy”! He cut one little tooth… It looks so funny—but I love it! He is crawling around and constantly talking to anyone who will listen. He started saying “BaBa” about two months ago and now is saying “Dada”… which makes complete sense being as those are his favorite things in life… food and his Daddy. He is pulling himself up to stand and just this week started (slowly) cruising around while holding onto the furniture. He is incredibly social for an infant, and will put his hands up for even complete strangers to hold him. He is a horrible flirt and enjoys “showing off”.
Life is moving at an incredible speed, last year at this time I was 5 months pregnant. It feels only like a few hours ago though. Life moved horribly slow those nine months, and now I barley have time to pee. Elijah wants to be big in the worst way. Odd thing for an infant, you would think he wouldn’t care, but he is constantly trying to make himself bigger than s or other kids. He has this horrible temper fit the throws now too. He arches his back and stiffens up and just screams. He screams this blood curdling “help she is cutting off my toes” scream…and I stare in complete shock! Where did my sweet snuggly baby go? Where is that baby that hardly fussed at all? I wonder if God looks at us in the same way---when we curse at him or yell in rage?
Ramblings of an exhausted mind.
Daniel FINALLY found a job…yea! He is working at Wal-Mart.
Ummm… I am just about halfway done with school and pretty much used up all of my free brain space. I love it though. I never thought I would enjoy working the medical field… but… the stuff fascinates me!
I keep asking God to put a few more hours in the day… I just have way too much to do everyday and could use a few more hours ya know—Between working and school and mommy duties I just don’t have the time to sneeze let along do the pile of dishes, separate the clean clothes from the dirty clothes, scrub the tub, go grocery shopping and yadda yadda yadda… Mornings come too early—nap time is too short—and nigh-night is always too far away.
I just need to learn to balance full time mommy with full time student and with full time employee AND full time wife… and somehow fit in other duties like sister, daughter, friend, granddaughter AND Bridesmaid (yea for Crystinas wedding!!!) –which reminds me… I need to find someone to alter my dress!
I need sticky post-it notes for my brain
This is a boring blog so I shall end it with this
Parenting lesion I have learned—
-Don’t waste money on fancy toys that bounce, make noise or have flashy lights. In fact don’t buy any toys at all! Your kid would rather play with empty cereal boxes, water bottles, dirty sneakers and the toilet.