Saturday, March 19, 2011

Enter 3rd Trimester

Seeing my sweet Anamarie's face so clearly is awesome! She looks so much like her big brother! This sweet face is busy making all sorts of movements... blinking, smiling, coughing, crying, yawning... It has me thinking about her personality. Will she be a entertainer like Elijah? Will she be a drama queen? Will she be oh so shy? At 28 weeks Ana has started having R.E.M during sleep... meaning she has dreams! I am really curious as to what she would have to dream about... dreams of listening to Elijah yelling? Dreams of the frozen fruit I ate last week? Maybe dreams of heaven and Angels???

Her feet are looking more like "Whipple" feet... I was hoping for the "Colbert" genes for my baby girls feet, but these look like her Daddies feet. Well... no worries... more feet for me to kiss! Daniel and I were checking out Bella's Boutique (which by the way has super cute used clothing as well as SUPER CUTE infant home-made novelty items), when he came across some camo cribs shoes lined with hot pink fabric. He picked them up and just "GAH'ed"... he just HAD to get them for his little girl!

After another blood test, Dr. Williams increased my Lovenox dosage to 100mg this week. He is pretty confident that this will have to be the last increase. Yesterday, he measured my belly and said I was measuring at 32 weeks and sent me for a sonogram. I am still waiting for the results of the whole ordeal. The ultrasound tech said that I will be called with the results (she can't divulge any information), but assured me, "Do not worry... just trust me, don't worry". My Mom said that the tech was entering E.D.D 6/5/11 - 6/22/11 (estimated due date), with each photo... so baby isn't measuring 32 weeks! Being on Lovenox has a risk of too much blood, oxygen and nutrients getting to the baby... making them bigger than they should be. Having the E.D.D still in the middle of June means she is measuring accurate, but maybe the amniotic fluid is increased (which still has me worried) or maybe I just ate too much that morning and had a food baby in there with her!

My Gramie got to come to the ultrasound with me. She had never been to one before so it was really fun to hear her remarks... "oh my stars"... "would you look at that"... "my goodness". She was cute!
I can feel her heartbeat now... along with all her other gymnast moves. She isn't as active as Elijah was (even her heartbeat at each Doctor visit is slower by 20 beats per minute than Eli was), but she has her moments! I have been trying to get Elijah to sit long enough to feel her move around or kick. He won't though... he screams "NO BABY". Interacting with the baby has to be his "idea" or else he protests with the whole "no baby" bit. He does, often, come over to my belly and rubs it, smiles and says "hi baby", or even kisses it. All of his buddies at Daycare are going to have/just had a sister... "sisters" is a very well discussed topic at Daycare now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

3/6 Coupon Deals

*Pampers Baby Dry size 1 diapers (112 count) ... $9.97 after manufactors coupons. I bought two, so received a $5.00 Target store coupon that I used at the end of the purchase.
*Toy Story tee... $6.99... not a deal at all, but Elijah really wanted the shirt and I figured that beings I am getting a $5 Target gift card for buying the diapers--- Why not get the shirt?
* Fusion shave gel two pack... $4.79 after coupon
* Good life wet cat food (3 of them)... Free after coupon. We don't have a cat, but Elijah likes to feed the neighbor cats
* Woman's Mossimo jeans... Free after coupon
*Loreal Paris Eye Shadow... $1.64 after manufacturers coupon stacked with Target coupon
*Up and Up mouth wash.... $0.39 after Target coupon

Total spent $28.76 (The regular price of one Pampers box of diapers!)


*Always Maxi Pads 20 count... $1.99 after mani coupon-- Received $2 register rewards after purchase
*Always Maxi Pads overnight 14 count... Free with using the register rewards from previous purchase stacked with mani coupon
*Always Maxi Pads 22 count... $0.99 after Walgreen's coupon stacked with mani coupon-- Received $2 register rewards after purchase (I did a separate transaction for each Always product)
*Venus pro razor with 3 razor heads... $0.99 after mani coupon stacked with the register rewards from previous purchase
*Pedicare cold children meds and Pedicare allergy children meds... Free after mani coupon stacked with Walgreen coupon
*Puffs facial tissue... $1.00 (with a BOGO coupon stacked with a Walgreens coupon.... AND a Walgreens coupon stacked with a mani coupon. I did two separate transactions)
* Kellogs Frosted Flakes cereal... $0.75 a box after mani coupon

I spent less than $7.00 at Walgreen's for all of these items!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Deals and Steals to start of March

Rite Aide... Total cost after coupons $0.34!
Those Nivea chap-sticks were on Clearance for $1 (normally $2.99... I had two buy one get one free). The Butterfinger snackers were on sale 2 for $1.00... I had a $1.00 off coupon. Coupons printed from Swagbucks coupon center... earning me 10 swagbucks per coupon used!

Wal-Mart... These aren't HUGE super saving deals... but they are new products I have been wanting to try... so I found coupons that made it more affordable to try them.
V-8 vegetable blind soup $1.48 after coupon
Philadelphia Cooking Cream $ 1.48 after coupon
Pillsbury Sweet Moments brownie $1.50 after coupon
Hidden Valley Salad mix $1.50 after coupon

I clipped coupons from various Sunday papers... and printed coupons from the Swagbucks coupon page, earning me 10 Swagbucks per coupon used!

I used (two different) $1.00 off coupons for the Herbal Essence, and one $0.55 off coupon for the shaving gel... not HUGE savings, but still saved me some $$$

Pull-Ups flushable wipes $0.64 after coupon... each
Rimmel Eye Shadow $0.64 after coupon
Bambi Diamond Edition DVD WITH BlueRay disk $ 12.96 after $10.00 off coupon
Megamind DVD $9.96 after $5.00 off coupon
Target... I went in with a coupon stack two inches tall! At Target, you can "stack" your coupons... meaning use 1 manufactures coupon WITH 1 Target coupon. Sometimes Target has "Target coupons" in the Sunday paper... they also have LOTS you can print out from I used The Target coupons stacked with other coupons clipped from the Sunday paper... but mostly coupons printed from the Swagbucks coupon page... earning me 10 Swagbucks for EACH coupon used!

*Tide laundry soap ended up being $9.94 each after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon
*Orbit chewing gum $0.50 each after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon
*Secret travel size deodorant (awesome for Operation Christmas child shoeboxes) Free after mani coupon
*Up and Up Mouthwash (bought two) $0.39 each after Target coupon
*Crest 3D whiting toothpaste with bonus travel size Crest 3D whiting toothpaste $1.99 each after mani coupon. I bought 3 of them.(this was probably my biggest exciting "savings" of the day. I usually pay $3.34 at Walmart for one of these)
*Reach floss... Free after Target coupon
*Excedrin migraine relief 50ct. $0.99 after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... regular $5.99
*Excedrin extra strength 50 ct... Free after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... regular $4.99
*Reese's peanut butter cups... $0.35 each after mani coupon
*Huggies diapers 50ct. $ 4.49 (making them $0.08 each) after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... regular $8.89
*Glade Seasonal Spring candle (bought 2) $1.00 each after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon
* Lysol toilet cleaner (2pack).... $ 2.79 after mani coupon, making them $1.39 each
*Pine Sol floor cleaner... $ 0.97 after mani coupon
*Finish Jet Dry.... $0.98 after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon
*Purex laundry detergent... $ 1.49 after mani coupon... regular $4.49
*Kelloggs Crunch Nut ceral... $0.50 after Target coupon stacked with mani Coupon
*Up and Up cotton balls $0.62 after Target coupon
*Up and UP Ibuprofen $0.77 after Target coupon
* Halls cough drops... $0.69 for TWO 30ct. bags after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon.... Regular $1.19 each
*Bounty 6 rolls paper towels $6.89 after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon
*Charmin 9 mega rolls toilet paper $8.64 after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon
*Up and Up liners $0.14 after Target coupon
*Smart-Ones frozen diet meals $10.00 for 10 meals after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... these usually range in price from $2.50-$3.34, they were on sale for $1.80 each
*Special K crackers(bought 2) $0.50 each after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... regular $2.50 each
*Benni-fiber 16ct. Powder drink mix (bought two) $0.74 each after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... regular $5.49 each
*7th Generations dish soap $0.69 after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... regular $2.69
*Jet Dry $0.34 after Target coupon stacked with mani coupon... regular price $2.59

Total Target savings.... $80.56! I normally do not purchase household items like this at Target because I always figure the prices were cheaper at Walmart, and we can use Daniel's associate discount at Walmart... BUT, with adding the coupons to the already "on sale" items makes these items a better deal at Target. I printed all the coupons used today last night, it took me about an hour to match the coupons to the already clipped coupons from various Sunday papers. I use websites like or to help match coupons. Sometimes the items they have listed are not sold in our local stores... sometimes I am able to find a better mani coupon than the one they have listed. They usually say that you can find a certain mani coupon at, I always use my Swagbucks coupon page (which is powered by, because it gives me 10 swagbucks per coupon used... so you would only need to use 45 printed coupons to earn one $5 Amazon gift card! Learn more about how I Swagbucks here (What is Swagbucks)

That is the fun I had today :)