Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This is how things are

So this is how things have been… and are currently.

Daniel and I moved back to Redding the day after Thanksgiving. My parents drove from Cali to Arizona to help us move. My family spent Thanksgiving with Daniels family. It was fun… and interesting… lol… The drive back wasn't nearly as bad as when we moved the first time. No 20 hour car ride with a crying cat, or flying dead rabbits. It went quickly, mostly because (I think) I missed my family and was more than ready for the move. I didn't even get choked up or give it a second thought. I was loosing my mind and part of my soul everyday I was away. I need my sisters, I need my mom, I need my cousins, my brothers, my aunts and uncles. I need them all. They are a big part of me and my life and I don't feel myself when I am away. So… we moved…

We are living with my parents… and ALL of my siblings (My parents, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 4 dogs, 4 cats, a lizard… and then Daniel and myself). It has been interesting and I love it. I don't mind all the chaos or chores… its nice. I feel relaxed and even happy, even with all the recent heartache and being depressed because of our loses. I feel at ease. I know this is where God wants us.

Daniel and I each found a job the first week back. He is working at Luigies Pizza, delivering pizza. I am teaching at West Redding Preschool (UGH!)… again… I know its not the best of environments, but I honestly feel like there is more to do there than get a pay check… like God has a job for me to do there… so I tie my shoes everyday with a sigh and a grunt, curse under my breath and put on a smile and head to work for another day of cleaning up spilt milk and wiping snot. I love the kids, but there is just too many in the class, and the lack of compassion amongst the staff is so sad. I'm working an UBER AWESOME gal. She makes it bearable!!!!

I miss my friends in Arizona… so so so much! I miss having fun with you all. The wild and crazy car rides to the mall or to Wendy's. Ordering 20 zillion chicken nuggets and the cowboys at Elyse's. Sarah, I miss your giant beast of a car and having lunch with you! Alura, I miss your boy drama and just hanging with you!! Robbie, I miss the random get togethers and your awesome shoes!!! Corbin, I miss your stinkin face!!!! Austin I miss your kind words and your nig--- beater!!!!! Sigh… I wish I could keep you guys in my pocket so I can pull you out and be with you whenever I feel like it.

I have no car.

I need to hang out with someone and have fun… seriously… I always forget to call you guys to hangout, so call me! OR TEXT ME! Something… I am real horrible about calling… I know I know…. Lame!

The End