Monday, April 19, 2010


In the spirit of sharing like stories (like Erin's)... I thought I too shall post my messy kitchen.

I have come to terms that I am no bake sale mom... I hate cleaning, I have no plans on making dinner on a daily basis, we, as a family, hardly spend meal times together anyways. I have ironed twice in my whole life, I always have a wet load of clothes in the washer that smell like mildew. I have a jungle of a lawn in the front of my house and a pile of dirty dishes in my sink.

I am dreading the day my son joins little league and such because I will be the mom that shows up in pj's and brings McDonald's dollar hamburgers for the day I am suppose to bring snack for the whole team. I can picture Eli running down the field in wrinkly shorts and mixed matched socks...

Yesterday I bought a "child leash" for Elijah. I figure I would rather other people comment on how horrible the leash is than comment how horrible a mother I am for loosing my child in a store.

Soooo... Here I am... standing firm in my undomesticated ways...