Sunday, August 7, 2005

Mindles Mumbles

Geez... when it rains, it pours... why is that??? The last two weeks have literally been painful! The church where I work aint got no youth group, so I desided to fix that for them. This Saturday I am having a huge yard sale to raise money so the youth room can get fixed up and I can buy "fun" stuff for it. The next two weekends then will be dedicated to "creating" the room and plaining events. The 29th of this month I have planned a big "blow out" for the youth group. I searched myspace and found a kickbuttband to come and play fer it. They are commin all the way from Chico, just to play at our little church. It ROCKS! I am totally stressed about it though. Like what if the yard sale is a flop and I dont raise any money, then the event will be a flop and no kids will come to the youth group, and then everything will be a complete and udder lose. AHHHHH!!!! with that all goin on my family has divided over an ongoing fight that started 28 years ago. My moms sister (who I was living with untill the fight last week) has some issues with my parents. Things were fine, but sometimes something will trigger a fight... last sunday all Hell broke loose, and so I moved back home with my ma n pa. It sucks, but its free... so... Then the next day my cat died. I havent had time to really greeve yet, it sounds really horrible, but I have been too busy to be sad really... its just another brick to weigh me down i suppose... when things slow down I think I will cry. I havent made a credit card payment for any of my credit cards (which is over 7) in two months... lol... i am getting constant phone calls... People want me to help them or hang with them, or babysit for them, and I say yes... I have no idea why, or where I will find the time. Then... I I have too much to do then to worry about that. I hate going to work now (my aunt is also my boss) so things are very uncomfortable, and for some reason my bestest friend is being a grouch. I am so thankful to God for Daniel, even though my life is bullcrapright now, he is still holding my hand. I really need a weekend away or go on vacation or something... I dont know what the point of this blog is... im just ramballing on and on, probally boring y'all half to death... I am going to take some sleeping pills and pass out... LATER DAYS Y'ALL

Friday, August 5, 2005

Fun Facts about Sarah Colbert

Subject : FACTS
Posted Date: : Aug 5, 2005 6:19 PM

1) I love driving, especially on road trips.

2) I sleep too much, and everyone complains about it, and that pisses me off.

3) I am scurd of the dark.

4) I am a horrible speller

5) Even though I am a tuff broad, I am a sucker for a sappy romance movie.

6) Black liqorish is almost as good as chocolate to me, well, maybe not... but it is good and I love it, not as much as I love chocolate cause chocolate can make any hurt go away.

7) I bit my nails and dont plan on stopping

8) I consider my brother Zach one of my best friends.

9) I love pampering myself

10) I love being on meds, I feel I can conquor the world.

11) Jennifer Nicole Eller is the best friend I have ever had.

12) I hate school work, but I love every english class I have ever taken.

13) I like to go fishing

14) I hate talking about bodily functions

15) Yellow roses make me smile

16) I am addicted to spending money, and it is getting me in trouble

17) I hate most of the female race

18)I don't believe in people who are "psychic"... cause if they were really that psychic they would win the lottery every month, solve all the crimes in the world, find Osama Bin Laden, and they would come to my house and they would know how to fix all my problems, and they would also know that I want them to do that.

19) I love my family more then life itself

20) I love my job, even though I get paid less then the kids working at In-N-Out, and they get bennifts even and I dont, and I have spent thousands of dollars in schooling to have the job I have now.

21) I dont like scary movies or to be scurd in general

22) I hate parents who refuse to disapline their child, and I hate parents who spend more time in a line at starbucks ever morning then they spend with their kid. I think they should be slaped, by me...

23) I take most things to an extreme

24) I am VERY complusive

25) I can sence demonic spirts

26) I am the epitamy of an airheaded blonde, but have an understanding of logical thinking.

27) Big Burly trucks are hot

28) I like to feel needed

29) I have an appreciation of music as an art.

30) I used to be in the church and shcool chior

31) growen-ups were children first

32) I am addicted to myspace

33) I make the best mac and cheese ever

34) I cant swim, but I am a good dog paddler

35) I am going to marry Daniel

36) When I was a child I wanted to be a dog when I grew up

37) I like saying... "shes got dem moles...."

38)I know enough about the Bible theology stuff and personal relationships with Jesus Christ to be a pastor.

39) I love the winter cause snow looks magical to me

40) I really really really want to go Vegas

41) I could eat cereal and watch cartoons all day long

42) I love to dance

43) I believe in alians and Bigfood

44) I love the rain

45) I have three tattoos and plan on getting two more, and have have 7 piercings, but only have 5 now

46) I have moved more then 17 times, 15 times were in the Redding City limits. I lived in Paradise for 5 months, then Chico for 6 weeks when I was little

47) I can not stand people who are picky eaters

48) I am a very self centered person

49) I am easily entertained

50) I really appriciate that you read this... seriously... thanks! GO YOU!