Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Lime Cakes

11 weeks pregnant today!

At 11 weeks baby Whipple is the size of a lime and weighs a quarter of an ounce! Hair follicles, tooth buds, and nail beds are forming and baby is busy being an acrobat!

Morning... or all day sickness seems to still be hanging around. I have been obsessing over Mexican food for the last few days. Only a pregnant woman can spend half an hour vomiting in the bathroom then the next second eat a plate of nachos. I woke Daniel up around 5am to go get some Taco Bell the other morning... he said no... le sigh! I am having trouble with clothing items. All my maternity clothes are in the back of our storage unit... behind boxes, the washer and dryer, table and chairs, couches and our bed. Being plus size I don't think anyone but me notices my 'B' belly rounding out. I can't suck in my fat... it just sticks out there... taunting me to hold it. I can't wait to feel baby move!

We have been working really hard to get Elijah potty trained. He seems to like the idea of using his little toilet... and really enjoys the praise for actually using it correctly. If Eli is wearing underwear or pants he tends to just pee anywhere... but if he is nakie he always runs to his little toilet when he has to "go"... so for the last few weeks we have had a half naked two year old running about the house! I have faith that he will be completely potty trained BEFORE baby arrives late May. I have been talking to him about the baby in Mommies tummy. I don't think he quite understands. He lifts my shirt up at random times and growls "bebe" and starts poking my stomach with force. He has been carrying his Woody doll around like a baby, feeding him a bottle and making Woody pretend cry for attention. Whenever we leave the house Elijah puts his Woody doll to bed, covers him up and says "nigh nigh". Elijah is going to be a good big brother!


  1. It sounds like Eli is on his way to being potty trained and to becoming a great big brother.

  2. Dropping in from BabyCenter...

    We also have a nearly constant half-nekkid 2 year old running around our house. Only we also have a 16 weeker (and a 17 *year* old... yikes!). Potty training started after Fynn was a month old. Fun times! If I could have gotten Mad to start before Fynn was born, I totally would have. Good luck to you on getting to your maternity clothes. I know what it's like when people can't tell. I'm not *that* plus-sized, but people were surprised two weeks before I delivered (wth?!?). In that case, I blame them, lol.

    Best wishes,

    Shan :+)