Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anamarie's Birth Story

I tried everything to go into labor before June 9th (day scheduled for c-section). I wanted my sister in law and nieces to be there for Anamarie's birth, I tried to have her when they were in town. I seriously did EVERYTHING I read that was "suppose to bring on labor". Ana was very content to stay put. I went in to Labor and Delivery three times hoping they would just take her... I was in so much pain... each time they just gave me pain pills and sent me home.

The waiting was awful. After nine months you are just done... though I still feel incredibly blessed as to how un-eventful and mostly pain free this pregnancy was!

June 9th, 2011 5am... after not sleeping for two nights due to excitement levels, Daniel and I give Elijah kisses and head to the hospital. Daniels Mom stayed at our house so Elijah could sleep in his own bed and what-not.

From 5am to 9am, the nurses poke and prodded... dressed me up (like a Transformer, my Mother said... AUTOBOTS UNITE). The nurse that did my IV totally messed up, so they tried the other hand... TWICE... then just decided to stay with the original poke. Three IV's... not cool.

A little bit before 9am I waddle, sporting my Autobot swag... to the operating room. I sit on the bed and the Anesthesiologist started my Spinal... holy cow... he had to poke and re-poke and re-poke... at least a dozen times! That was the worst experience! It lasted maybe a whole five minutes, but when someone is messing with your spinal cord it seems like they are taking a life time! He apologized even though it wasn't his fault... dang Scoliosis! But once the spinal was in, it took literally seconds before Doctor Williams said, "you will feel pressure now"... gag barf... pressure and nausea! ... they have drugs for that though!

"It's a girl, what's her name?" I couldn't even talk... combination of wanting to barf and pass-out, but mostly holding my breath, I kept thinking "cry cry cry why won't she cry" It seemed like an hour passed before I heard her gurgle and cry... but that sweet sound came quickly.
8 pounds 13 ounces 20 inches long the nurse said. She is perfect! Not the 11 pound baby the Doctor predicted! Daniel brought her over to me so I could give her kisses and marvel at her beauty!
Anamarie was taken to the nursery to be cleaned up while I was being glued back together... yes, glued! They used glue! Daniel went with her and showed her to the family who was in the waiting room. I was wheeled back to the recovery room to be messed with some more and wait for my baby to be brought back. I couldn't feel much from my shoulders down... but everything itched! Even my eyeballs! I remember the same itchy feeling from the medication from when I had Elijah. Itchy eyeballs... ick!

I can't remember holding her for the first time... I don't remember anything about being in the recovery room after she was brought in. I don't remember who was in the with me... what family came in or anything. I don't remember being wheeled to the hospital room... I don't remember much... I must have been so into Ana that I just ignored and blocked everything else out.

The next few hours were filled with nurses pushing on my belly and adding more medications to my IV bags. That night the night nurse bent the rules a bit and let me take the leg compressors off (I had to wear them to avoid getting DVT's), and she took out the IV and catheter. PRAISE GOD! I was finally able to stand up and move around. Thinking I would sleep was a joke though. I was tired from the day and not sleeping days beforehand... I really wanted to just sleep, but I laid in bed and stared at her. "Is she breathing... is she breathing... Daniel see if she is breathing". I just worry so much...

Just as I feel asleep the phlebotomist came in to take my blood... then the nurses came in... then breakfast... then the lactation consultant... then the lady with the birth certificate then the picture lady. It was a busy day... and Ana had many visitors!

The nurses kept telling me I needed to move around and walk... that it would help with the healing. With all the people that were in and out I had no time to walk! The hospital staff is really good at their jobs and are always bugging you. I wouldn't have it any other way though. There is a sense of security with being in a hospital. If something went wrong there are many people to take care of it. Amy got to put Ana's first outfit on her... and from that minute on Ana has been a very stylish girl!

Having a c-section for a second time is very different than the first time. The surgery is the same, but the healing process was very different this time around. It actually hurt... and still hurts (two weeks later). I didn't need pain medication after having Elijah... this time I NEEDED the pain medication... I couldn't even walk it hurt so bad! The pain medication gave me horrible God awful dreams in the hospital... the few minutes I did sleep I was plagued with dreams of Hobo's stealing Ana and leaving town on the train.

The next morning Doctor Williams came in and discharged me early... telling me I don't need to keep doing the Lovenox or Heperin injections! He says my numbers are good and to just keep taking the low dose aspirin. After being discharged we waited over six hours for the NICU to discharge Ana. She was a little bit jaundice, so they were the ones that had to discharge her. I got her all dolled up (her newborn size shoes were WAY TOO BIG... something we did not anticipate... she has Colbert feet!!! Colbert flat and narrow feet with Whipple size toes) and we went home!
I had wanted to include more info... more thoughts and feelings... but I am content with just sharing the basics and keeping the rest to heart.