Monday, January 2, 2012

Whipple Family 2011 in Review

-Whipple Family 2011 in Review-

In January we said “see you later” to Uncle Dave.

We were surprised, in February, to learn that baby bean was in fact a Girl, and we named her Anamarie May Whipple.

March was quiet dull. I kept myself busy with learning to coupon… playing with Elijah and helping my sister plan her wedding.

April was more exciting! We started to look for a home to move in to. I had a very pregnant birthday AND Easter.

May was filled with so much baby thoughts. A lovely shower… setting up a nursery in our new home. Daniel started working at the Walmart Distribution Center in Red Bluff! Working half the hours for double the pay. Daniels Mom, Sister and Nieces came and visited for a week. Elijah got to meet and play with his cousins and Auntie for the first time! It was awesome! That last week of May I tried so desperately to induce labor… it didn’t work.

My beautiful baby girl… my daughter… was born June 9th! I can tell you that I can’t help but cry still when I think about how happy I am because of that pink squishy girl. June was the highlight of my year.

July is the month my baby sister became a Mrs. Her Wedding was quite the event! I have never been to a more fun wedding! Elijah was the ring bearer, but he did not take his responsibilities seriously… tisk tisk! I also got to spend some time with two very special friends and their daughters in July! I am ecstatic that we each have a girl… ah! Anamarie went on her first family vacation during the month of July also. We drove up to the coast as a family… I still can’t believe I took my newborn camping. It was an experience… July also welcomed another baby Colbert into the world! Elijah has yet another girl cousin in his life…

August was spent creating family memories… it was slower and we just enjoyed being a family of four. Toward the end of the month we drove over to visit Daniels family on the coast. His sister and brother were helping his parents move. Ana got to meet them for the first time. My sister moved to Georgia, because that is where her husband is stationed… obviously she would want to live with him.

My baby boy turned three years old in September. He is such a little ham… and I could not love him any more! He had a very “yee-haw” cowboy party… he sure did enjoy himself! We got Eli a bicycle for his birthday… he thinks he is the coolest kid on the block now!

In October Eli got to start school. He finished with speech therapy and I was advised, that because of his delay, he would benefit from a structured learning environment for a few hours each day. During that time he meets with a special speech therapist. It has only been a few months and everyone in Eli’s life has noticed an improvement in his speech. He is a different kid! So much happier! He sure does love going to school too! He has fun with his friends! Both Eli and Ana went Trick-or-Treating this Haloween. Eli dressed as a pirate, Ana dressed as a panda bear. Eli had a BLAST!

November came and left in a whirlwind! I had no time to blog… Daniels parents visited shortly. It is so nice that the kids get to see them often! I love it and they love seeing their Nana and Papa! Thanksgiving was fun as always. Ana and I braved Black Friday at Walmart.
My babies first Christmas seemed so far away last year at this time. I remember holding my belly a year ago today and thinking about him… or her… Christmas pictures, decorating the tree, making cookies, snuggling on the couch with my sweet baby love. December 2011 finally arrived and Ana’s first Christmas was everything I dreamed it would be. I wrapped all of her dolls and Barbie’s in pink Christmas paper, and she had a blast tearing them open just to eat the paper. Elijah enjoyed Christmas so much this year… he was finally able to understand the concept… and it was just so magical!
Daniel celebrated his 27 birthday this December and his AWESOME wife gave him two tickets to see the 49er’s vs. Rams game. It was his first professional football game. He took his buddy and they drove down to San Fran for the day. I think that I got the better deal. I got to see his face when I gave him the tickets… he just got to watch some boring game.

2011 was EPIC