Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quick Update

I am working at Mervyns in Goodyear (AZ) now

Love working at Mervyns

Daniel is the pizza boy at Pizza Hut

Arizona is where Satan lives

thats why we are moving back to Cali

My parents are comming down for Thanksgiving

They will be having turkey with Daniels parents

Then they are taking us to Redding


My internet is still not working

We are still on a steady diet of Top Ramen

I FINALLY meet some uber awesome people here

and I am a little sad to be leaving them in a few weeks

my hair is brown now

it looks like crap

but he still thinks im sexy

Daniel loves the free pizza

I lost my tan

I still havent seen the new Transformers movie

Being poor isnt that bad

I have a new cell number

I made chocolate chip cookies, and the acctually turned out great! first time ever

The people I work with acctually think im neato, and like spending time with me off the clock

Which proves that- no, I am not a looser and they were just stuck up boobs

I so want some Dutch Bros coffee right now

My fav food isnt chinese anymore, its mexican

I just discovered fake eyelashes... so fun

I think I might grow my hair long again...

or cut is short...

My new obsession is the 99 cent chicken sandwhiches at Jack in the Box

I think im going to go get one right now...