Monday, November 9, 2009

busy... busy... too busy to blog

Whipple family update-

Elijah is 13 months old now… He is such a hand full! I always thought I would be one of those moms who let their kids explore and get dirty… sigh… my son drives me crazy! He is loud and likes to get into all the “no-no” things. He STILL isn’t walking yet, he knows how and is very capable of walking… he just chooses not to. I think if we had a bigger apartment or home he would be more inclined to walk around. He talks non-stop! He says all sorts things now… “Dada, dog, car, please (in sign language), Katie, Jacob, Chris, Dave, Stephanie, Amy, Max, cat, baba, Zeke, What’s that, numnum, nana” He is getting so big, I can’t hardly believe how fast time went!

Daniel is still working swing shift at Wal-Mart… not for much longer though! He enrolled at IOT, taking Criminology courses. He starts at the end of the month… we are both VERY excited! We only have one car….soooo…of course it is going to be crazy and stressful planning rides and who gets the car and yadda yadda yadda. He will still be working 4pm-1am… and going to school 8am 12:30pm… I will have just started my externship… so… I will be working (without pay) 9am-5:30pm…. It will be interesting! I have faith that God will work things out. It’s only a short time in our life too… Daniels school is only 9 months long… so its not it will be tough on us forever! Maybe one day Redding will rain vehicles and we will get a second car… I wouldn’t even care if it had a heater or a radio… as long as it got Daniel to school and work…

I had REALLY good intentions to write a longer, funnier blog… but I have to get back to my school work…

Much Love!