Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I wonder if mycokerewards gives out prozac???

So… This lady comes in to tan today… "I have a problem…" she says… "I have my kid today… SIGH!"… She says…

It amazed me that even in this non-toxic, politically correct, plastic world; 'Barbie' is allowed to raise a child.

Today is not such a good day. I am missing people who are actually nice. People who are genuine in love and friendship. People who actually take an interest in others wants, needs and feelings.

So far, my opinion of Arizona people is not a very nice one. The people I have come in contact with are lame. They are rude and unimaginative. The women are clones of one another. All sporting implants and designer replica handbags. They are fake, backstabbing wannabees. I am about done with the girls I work with (most of them anyways…). I don't understand how a single person can be so mean, so unwelcoming, so down right evil. And she knows nothing about me. I am about ready to hang up my smile and become that person she makes me out to be.

I miss my support system. I miss my real friends. I know God will provide all my needs. Even my need for a shopping buddy. I have full faith in Him… but… I don't understand… countless prayers and I am still left grabbing coffee alone…

I feel so lame being such a drama queen/ cry baby… I didn't understand the full importance of friendships till I moved so far away from all those friends… I love you all and am very thankful for everything you bring to our relationship. You are all so important to me. I am thankful for you!

I am depressed… and I have given in to the comfort of Oreos… which makes my jeans feel snug… which makes me more depressed… it's a vicious cycle… I blame the Keebler elves!