Thursday, November 18, 2010

Red Cabbage Gender Test

The science behind the red cabbage baby gender prediction test all has to do with urine pH. Urine contains pH... (how acidic or basic it is) and the red cabbage water changes based on whether you're pregnant with a girl or boy. Most gender tests test the pH in your urine... however very expensive. The pigments in the red cabbage alter based on the pH and change color based on how acidic or basic your urine is.

Test Instructions

1) Go to the store and buy a red cabbage
2) after you get home, cut up the red cabbage
3) add boiling water to the cabbage and let sit for 10 mins (or more)
*On other websites step three said to boil the cabbage for 10 mins. So I tried BOTH methods.
4) remove cabbage from water SAVE THE WATER
5) add urine to the cabbage water. Using equal parts urine and water.
6) if it goes a red or pink color you are having a boy, if it goes a purple color you are having a girl

Cut Cabbage

Boiling Cabbage

Non boiled Cabbage water and boiled Cabbage Water

Boiled cabbage water results... Dark purple

Non boiled cabbage water results... fuchsia, but still not as pink as other boy results I have found online.

So according the the red cabbage gender test, baby should be a girl... we shall wait and see!

EDIT: Baby is a girl! Red Cabbage Gender test was correct! 


  1. Hmmm...interesting. Do you think what you eat could also affect the test? I wonder what color it would have given me. I'll have to try it if I ever have another baby

  2. What you eat does affect the results unfortunately.

  3. Wow, that's interesting. I am curious now how correct it is. I'm hoping you have a girl!

  4. i have done this test in 13 weeks of pregnancy n colour changes to purple hope it iwill be girl as everyone in our wanted.