Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Day My Baby Started School

This week my baby boy started preschool! A bitter-sweet moment for this Mommy!

Daniel and I were unsure whether or not to put Elijah in preschool. He goes to Daycare at my Mom's... she has a fantastic preschool curriculum for the kids, but Eli is never there for the preschool time. That and he thinks he is hot stuff at Nana's house... pushing the limit on every rule!

Because he isn't in speech therapy (Far Northern does not provide it after age 3) , The Great Partnership got me in contact with Shasta County Office of Education. I filled out some paper work and he started the next week! He goes Monday through Friday, just three hours in the afternoon.

His first day was awesome!

I dropped him off... trying so hard not to cry. He looked like such a big boy with his new shoes and backpack... but his hand felt so small in mine as we crossed the parking lot. It was raining and he kept tugging me to all the puddles. We took our time walking to the class room. I knew that as soon as we got to the class, that would be it... he would be a student for the next 15 years! Still my baby or course... but now too a big kid going to school. We both were excited when we walked in! He found LOTS to play with right away. I tried to get some pictures of him playing, but he kept telling me "no". I didn't want to linger so I gave him a kiss and left. Stopping at the window just in time to see him ask the teacher "Mommy?". It twinged my heart, but I just had to leave. I got home and didn't know what to do with myself. I spent the next three hours just sitting on the couch with Ana... waiting to get him.

He didn't want to leave when I picked him up! When we got home he crashed... he must have used up all of his energy. Then when he woke up he was his usual abominable self and I was wondering why I missed him so much!