Saturday, January 29, 2011

Enter the World of Facebook Freebies and Giveaways

Recently I was introduced to the giant world of Facebook freebies and Giveaways. I just thought I would post a brag picture of the items received and/or won this last week. I did not pay for any items listed below... not even shipping.

Facebook Freebies:

Neti Pot with two solution mixes!/neilmednetipot

Gucci Perfume single sample (not in picture)!/GUCCI

Hugo Boss cologne single sample (not in picture)!/hugoboss

Boscia Peppermint blotting Linens 100 count ($10.00 value)(not in picture)!/bosciaskincare

Facebook Giveaway's won:

Hair Clippies from Madeline's Princess Boutique

Organic white cotton tee size 3-6 months from Sckoon Organics (worth $15.00)

Thermal lunch tote with Eli's name monogrammed on the outside from Miss Amanda's Thirty-One Gifts (worth $12.50)

Other savings worth a mention:

(Two) Pampers $10 off large or mega pack. I received this coupon after emailing Pampers directly, complaining that I was disappointed. After spending the extra money on purchasing Pampers brand, I had to throw away many diapers before Eli got to use them because the tabs would pull off. Little Seed (This brand is exclusively sold at Target and is organic) contest won. Received one pair baby pants size 3-6 month (worth $7.99), one body suit (worth $7.99), one hooded towel (worth $12.99), and one hat/booties set (worth $8.99)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whooah, we're half way there

Bon Jovi's song has been on my mind the last few days... only because WE ARE HALF WAY THERE... 20 weeks pregnant...

Last week we had a sonogram, we got up super early (for being night people) and went to have a sonogram at 8am... only to be told to come back in the afternoon because the machine was down. At noon we finally got to see our baby. The sono tech had a difficult time with the measurements because baby was super active... not eating anything but the sugar water for the glucose test I had made baby over active. Finally after 3o minutes or so the sono tech said she was going to see what gender the baby was, but by that time the baby had curled up nice and tight. We couldn't see... I am super bummed. I waited so long for this... I really hope the next sono is soon!

Dr. Williams has increased my dose of Lovenox... again... my Heparin blood test came back at .2 and he said it needed to be over twice that... not sure what the numbers mean, but I trust him. Now I am doing 70mg injections once daily. I am having trouble with our insurance getting it covered. I feel like I am constantly on the phone explaining why it is needed over and over.

Praise God, the all day sickness has subsided. Physically it was draining, but emotionally it was a reassurance that everything is ok. I have been getting almost daily migraines... I have no idea why. It could be the blood thinners. I am super surprised that the sciatica pain I had with Elijah hasn't been bothering me like it did before... but a new painful element has me insane with worry! Because of the clot in the superficial vein, I am terrified! I am even checking the nutritional value of everything I eat to make sure it isn't loaded with vitamin K (promotes good clotting). I have to keep reminding myself that it is in God's hands... trust Him!

I have to brag here... being 20 weeks pregnant, I have gained a total of 5 pounds. Just sayin...

At 20 weeks baby is about 10 oz and about 10 inches from head to toe... about as long as a banana! His or her hair is sprouting on the top of its head and baby is practicing swallowing! On the ultrasound last week we saw baby yawn REALLY big! I am feeling more of Baby Whips movement... I don't know if he/she isn't that active yet, or if I just can't feel it yet (maybe because over a third of my abdomen is numb from having a c-section). Elijah took a car last week and was moving back and forth on my belly, saying "Beebee". He still looks inside my belly button looking for the baby. It is really fun having a two year old while being pregnant. Elijah is really into the baby... and into other babies now too! In the store he is always pointing them out, and when he hears a baby cry he says "Mama Beebee". Having a almost three year old and a newborn is going to be prime! God sure knew what he was doing!

The names we picked out weeks ago are still in effect... not going anywhere... we are SO excited for them! The meaning's of both names are special to us... both in the journey of having another child and a testimony to our faith.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Five years already....


Five years have passed sense we embarked on being the unit known as "The Whipples"?

I am going to be cliche and say this, 'boy time sure does fly'... which is surprising because I feel like we have been waiting for our life as a family to get started... waiting for a job, waiting for a home, waiting for children. I had plans that I wanted to achieve before we reached five years. I certainly did not want to be where we are now. Learning to be patient has been an on-going thing with God and us. I am ok with it too... Daniel and I appreciate the good things more and have learned to support each other more because of it.

Funny how our plans differ from what God wants... and once you let God's plans become your own you really don't mind the places you end up. I certainly hadn't planned being five months pregnant, have a two year old, being a single vehicle family with a spouse that works a part time job and having multiple student loans and living in my aunts converted garage... but... it doesn't bother me... we are happy. We both now that God has more for us, so we keep waiting.

I feel that Daniel and I have changed so much in the last five years... not only as a couple, but as individuals as well. Funny though, after being married for five years I still feel not so grown-up... I wonder if that will ever change?

The biggest thing I have learned in the last five years is to turn to God first and my husband second. I had always checked in with my parents, my Aunts or my friends for support and advice... even after being married. I still seek out all of the above for help, advice and support... of course I don't count on Daniel for advice on fashion... he could care less... and my mom is the first person I go to for the how-to's of parenting (I don't know anyone that has more experience as her). It was just hard separating myself from one family unit and creating another...keeping the former unit in tact... and entering the in-law unit. So many new roles to fill. I learned it is possible to have three very different family units... and having working relationships with each. I like the fact that Daniel and I got to live with his parents shortly after we were married, and then we got to live with my parents after that.

Thinking back I have to say one of the hardest things to get used to as a married person is the fact that this other person is ALWAYS there. Always five feet away from you... you can't even sleep without this person breathing in your bubble. I went from sleeping next to a 15 pound cat to this human being that invades my sleep with snoring! ... and now, if that snoring human being isn't sleeping next to me I lay there awake, thinking the bogeyman is going to get me.

I praise God for the last five years of my life. They have brought many blessings to us!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whipple Family update

Finally being able to catch up my blog...

Christmas was as always, magical. Elijah got so many fun things to play with! He really enjoyed seeing lots of family members... aka "Fans". Seeing his face after Santa came was priceless! He kept pointing to the tree and saying "was that"... it was cute. Santa brought him a little kitchen set, between each present he would get up to play with it... THEN came the Toy Story Jessee doll Santa brought. After he opened her, he had to hold her with one hand and open gifts with the other. He started getting frustrated so he decided to open the present with his mouth... LIKE A DOG!

Christmas always comes and goes in a whirlwind... so much to do before hand and never enough time once it arrives. Next year I really hope we can spend time with Daniels family during the holidays. I just really want Elijah and Baby to have them constant in their lives...

We are still living with my Aunt. Until two weeks ago I was feeling really frustrated with God, not understanding why he would keep us financially unable to move. Three days after the New Year Uncle Dave passed away. Now I understand why God has us living here. I don't see anyplace I would rather be than living with Auntie M... even though she hasn't been staying here at her house. My heart is so very sad for her... and I am thankful God has us keeping this house full and lively for her.
Dave and I got along well enough. I always thought he was a grumpy old man... but I only knew him for the last few years... and in those years he was so very sick and in an incredible amount of pain. At his memorial I got to see how much of a loving and exciting life he got to live... his family and relatives loved him very much. It makes me wish I took the time to really know who Dave was.

Daniel did have a few interviews for a promising job the last few weeks. I really felt in my heart that this was a sure thing... only God can turn a sure thing into a no-go. So we wait on Him. I am getting really nervous though. I really don't want to bring a baby home to our one room converted garage... and I don't want to bring baby home to a small apartment and deal with pot heads and gun shots again.
I wonder how much more "patience" I need to learn. I feel like God has tested me over and over and I keep failing this patience test... and then I get jealous that other people seem to always get what they want and need without putting much effort into it. God needs to give people a punch card... like Dutch Brothers Coffee... with every 10 needs tried for, the 11th one comes free with no effort required.

Elijah has been doing splendid with his speech and developmental therapy! The words and phrases he is now saying make my heart so proud! He is communicating!!! ... and driving me bonkers! I hear "Mom Mom Mom Mom Mama Mama Mama Mommy Mommy Mommy MOOOOMMMY" all day long. He doesn't ever have anything to say, he just wants me to involved in whatever he is doing.
It is hard trying to explain to a two year old where someone is that went to heaven. Elijah keeps bringing me out to the living room and pointing to Dave's chair. Dave sat in this chair all day every day. From the time he woke up in the morning till the time he went to bed. For the last few months Dave was a permanent fixture in Elijah's life. Always sitting there for Elijah to talk to. I kind of think Elijah's wild child moments the last two weeks have been brought on by Dave's absence. Elijah doesn't understand where Dave is... his world has changed a little bit and he is sorting it out. He was so used to having the option of taking a break from being in a room with Mommy and getting to bring toys out and play in a room with Uncle Dave. Now he takes those breaks by pooping on the couch or peeing on the kitchen floor.
He is making me crazy!

Tuesday I get to go in and have a two hour glucose test done... I have had one before... not during pregnancy though .With Elijah they just did the one glucose draw... something I haven't had done with this pregnancy yet. I am curious as why my OB is skipping the more simple test. I also, on Tuesday, get to have a sonogram. I will be 19 weeks pregnant....sooooo... WE GET TO FIND OUT THE GENDER! I am more than excited... it is keeping me awake at night! I am so certain it is a girl... I just have this feeling... the same feeling I had that Elijah was a boy... the same feeling I have before I get a positive pregnancy test... I just know.
NOW- if I am wrong... I won't be crushed. I honestly don't have a preference... I would be happy with all boys!
We do have names picked out... still not sure if we are going to announce a name before the baby is born... you will have to wait and see.

At 18.3 weeks pregnant, Baby is about the size of a Sweet Potato... about 6 inches long and weighing about 6 ounces. I have been feeling baby move and it catches me by surprise. I didn't really feel many "flutters" like I did with Elijah. I felt him flutter around starting at about 13 weeks. I did feel some flutters with this baby, not much... but now I feel very defined movement. I can't feel it from the outside, but it is so strong!

Last weeks OB appointment was exciting... I hadn't gone in for a few weeks so I was anxious to hear a heartbeat. I got so excited the day before and didn't sleep at all that night. The nurse put the Doppler on my stomach and I heard the sweet sounds! She said the baby was moving around fast and frequent so it was hard to get an accurate reading. My OB said I could stop taking the progesterone pills... so I haven't taken them the last few nights. I had been taking them so frequently in the last year that I think I got used to mood swings. I am feeling more emotional now, being off of them than I did on them. My OB also took me off of the 40mg (generic) Lovenox, but put me on the 60mg (generic) Lovenox. The higher dosage injections DO hurt a wee bit more than the lower dose. I think it is only because there is more medication going into your body. It just stings... HOWEVER... I found that if I do the injection after a long hot shower, the piercing of the skin doesn't hurt! yea!!! The reason for upping the Lovenox dose is because of a clot forming in a superficial vein. Surprising beings as my blood is SO THIN. I am on crazy amounts of blood thinners... just cutting myself shaving leaves me bleeding for hours! The clot is behind my knee... and it hurts! It hurts to sit and to drive... partial reason for no blog the last few weeks... it just hurts to sit at the computer. My OB gave me Motrin to help with the pain (and for the migraines I have been getting)... but I just don't feel comfortable taking them. Motrin is a NSAID... which tends to leave your blood prone to clotting. I just don't know about taking them...

That is about it... not that fun of a blog... just a boring ol' update. I will post the sonogram pictures here first... before putting them on facebook. Because I love my avid readers so much!