Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have posted a few things on Facebook about recently. I have tried to explain what it is, and how it works... but after my last check, I decided deserved it's own blog! 

I know that it may seem daunting... confusing... scary... Actually, it's a very simple concept and one that gives you cash back for shopping at most of the online stores you already shop at anyway.....not to mention it provides you with coupon codes to save you even more money on your purchases. 

To start up, visit via this link:

Sign up... and you will get an instant $5 credit! Once you have $20 in your cash back account, they will mail you your check! I have gotten two checks so far! 

The best way to see what can do for you, is to take a moment and check it out yourself. You will find thousands of stores that offer a variety of cash back amounts. I have gotten 2% all the way up to 30% cash back! I am constantly surprised at what stores give cash back...

 I got 20% for doing my taxes online! 

If you are planning on planning a vacation with a travel website, (like Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) go through first, you can get cash back for planning your vacation! Right now Expedia is giving 8% cash back!

If you have to run to Walmart to pick up diapers. Buy them online through, you can get the 97cents shipping OR you can click "pick up in store". Walmart has many items that you can buy online from home, then drive over there a few minutes later to pick up at the Customer Service desk. That way you can get your cash back with AND you don't have to mess with actually shopping in the store. 

I am pleased with my experience with Like I said before, I have received two checks, that have been put in my bank account. It is legit... and it pays. It is nice to get paid back for things we are going to buy anyways.

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  1. Your such a great wife and mommy always saving and earning money for your family.