Wednesday, February 23, 2011

6 Months Pregnant

It is so fun to know that Anamarie can hear the daily on-goings of her family life. She responds to Elijahs loud outburst, always stops moving and listens to when her Daddy talks to her and absolutely LOVES Katy Perry's song 'Firework'... but she responds the most to Aerosmith! A true Whipple-Colbert combo child!

Her taste buds are forming and her brain continues to develop. Her lungs are forming branches of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that will help fill her air sacs and make it inflate!

Ana is about the size of an eggplant... well... a scrawny eggplant. She is still "filling out" and will pack on those pounds soon enough.

She is, however, big enough to squish my bladder... as well as move her little body to one side of my belly and make it look like I have a lopsided stomach. She is big enough to make my sciatica twinge and ache. I am loving every uncomfortable aspect of growing her! She is being so kind to me weight-gain-wise... the dainty little lady she is. The last six months I have gained almost 5 1/2 pounds. A contrast to when I was pregnant with Elijah... I will not disclose how much weight I gained with him, too embarrassing!

I have been bumped up to weekly Doctor appointments, for now at least. Daily migraines, larger clot behind knee and my blood still not responding to the Lovenox is the reason why. Doctor Williams increased my Lovenox injections to 90mg once daily from 70mg once daily. The most the syringe can hold is 80mg... so I have to do two separate injections every day. At the beginning of these injections I was smug and thought, "I have so much belly here... I won't have a problem finding a injection site!"... well... as my stomach got harder, the injections started to hurt more. At this point I am left with a small area of squishy belly left... a small and heavily bruised area. Doing injections when she is awake and moving is just creepy.

Daniel and I are loving the fact that baby is a girl!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Deal Of The Day

Today's trip to Target

*One pair of womens jeans regular price $24.99 on clearance for $6.24... $1.24 after Target coupon
*One infant long sleeve onsie regular price $4.00... $2.00 on clearance
*Up and Up all purpose cleaner with bleach regular price $1.37... $0.37 after coupon
*7th Generation dish soap 25 oz.regular price $2.69... $.069 after Target coupon stacked with manufacturers coupon.
*Jet Dry 4oz. regular price $2.59... $0.34 after Target coupon stacked with manufacturers coupon
*Finish Dishwasher tablets 10ct. regular price $2.50... $0.50 after Target coupon stacked with manufacturers coupon
* Up and Up bleach 96oz. regular price $1.27... $0.27 after Target coupon
*Kelloggs Crunchy nut cereal 14 oz. regular price $2.99... $0.99 after Target coupon stacked with manufacturers coupon.
* Vaseline Intensive care lotion 10oz. regular price $2.99... $0.99 after Target coupon stacked with manufacturers coupon.
*Aquafresh travel size toothpaste regular price $ 0.97... free after manufacturers coupon.
*Up and Up cotton balls 100ct. regular price $1.12... $0.67 after Target coupon.
*Up and Up low dose aspirin 108 ct. regular price $2.29... $1.29 after Target coupon.
*Halls 40 count cough drops regular price $1.22... $0.22 after Target coupon stacked with manufacturers coupon.
*Up and Up liners 22 ct. on sale for $0.89... $ 0.14 after Target coupon

Total cost with tax $10.13

All Target coupons can be printed from Target website. All manufactures coupons can be found in Sunday newspapers and/or printed from and/or printed from company website.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Deals of the Day

My Trip to Wal-Mart 02/18/11

AirWick Candle $3.97
Travel size Q-Tip with case $0.97
Nivea 'A kiss of shimmer' lip balm $2.47
Nivea 'A kiss of shimmer' lip balm $2.47
Pampers Pull Ups Flushable wipes $1.64
Gas X Chewable $3.78
Gain Fabric Soften sheets $4.33
Dove Origginal Deoderant $2.47
Rimmel London eye shadow $2.47
Pull Ups training pants $8.97
Sunbelt cereal bars $2.08
Sunbelt cereal bars $2.08

Total after 10% associate discount $33.93 ... Total after coupons $11.60

Facebook Freebies

Earrings won during a give-away from My Spice of Life (value $3.50)!/MySpiceOfLife

Sample of Vasaline hand lotion and $1 off coupon -Free from an online sample site

Toddler Gymboree sunglasses won from... I can't remember where!!! (value $9.75)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Recent Swag

Facebook freebies and giveaways post.
I didn't not pay for a single item below, not even for shipping.

* One blue Juppy Baby Walker from Juppy ($29.95 value)!/TheJuppy

* One childs half apron from Eden's Aprons & Gifts ($20.00 value)!/pages/Edens-Aprons-Gifts/116943978367572

* One big 3 layer flower headband ($8 value) and two pink clippies ($3 value)!/crochetbyshani

* Two packs of Goody hair ties ($6.18 value)
Elijah wanted to model...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's A............

Anamarie M
ay Whipple

My mind is whirling... dresses, tutus and bows... OH MY! I have a daughter... A sweet baby girl! I just had this feeling it was a girl. Daniel really wanted a girl... we couldn't be more happy! Elijah is just excited for a baby... however, when we showed him the ultrasound pictures and said "this is your sister"... he replied with "OH NO!"
The name we picked, Anamarie, means favored grace. Marie is Daniels moms middle name. The middle name, May, is my middle name... as well as my Moms and Grandmas middle name. In the book of Luke, there is a mention of a prophetess named Anna. We felt the name suited our journey to have another child. I knew that God would not have given me the desire for another one if He wasn't going to let it happen.I am now going to go and daydream about pink things.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

21 Weeks and Sono Pics

We are over half way to 40 weeks!
Praise God!

Today we had another ultrasound, resulting in a 80% gender determination. Baby is healthy and BIG! His/her head is right under my belly button and feet are all the way down. Baby weighs just over a pound now (according to the u/s). Baby is breech, so hopefully he/she will flip for the sonogram next week and we can get a certain answer to this gender question! We did, this time, get some pretty good feet pictures and a great face picture!

This last week has been just down right awful. Pregnant women should be immune from the stomach flu. Stomach flu and still have the stinking cold from weeks ago... I feel septic... QUARANTINE QUARANTINE!

I forgot to mention two weeks ago, the start of Braxton Hicks. I thought to myself... ALREADY? I know it isn't from lack of hydration... I drink gallons of water a day!

We are excited for next Wednesday... love these ultrasounds!