Tuesday, April 5, 2005

While on the Clock

Today I realized I am no longer playing checkers, im playing chess. Let me explain... A couple years ago, in a not so sober state of of mind, I gave my good friend, Amy, some advice on life. "Amy," I said, "why are you so uptight? you are young so be a bit reckless. Right now your life is a game of checkerds, not chess." She looked at me crazy like, so I continued..."In checkerds you can get pieces back and it is not that seriouse of a game. Just like your life right now. When you mess up, you can fix it cause your young." For months that was her favoirte quote... "Lifes a game of checkerds not chess." But when does life get to the point when it is no longer checkerds, and what makes it chess? My life has become so complicated its unreal, I think that is why I like to sleep so much. My brain gets a break from all the thoughts that I keep running thought it... I dunno... I was thinking that Hermits are very smart people. They leave the busy life of social climbers to live in the deep woods by themselves... I think I would very much like that. Cept I would miss my boyfriend Daniel, so I would want to bring him with me. And I would miss my best gal friend Jennifer, so I would hafta bring her too. And I would go insane without my computer and internest so I would want to bring those too. I would need my cell incase some of my "weekend only" friends call to go out. I think my social life would defiet the purpose of being a hermit. Oh well... yawn...

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