Sunday, August 7, 2005

Mindles Mumbles

Geez... when it rains, it pours... why is that??? The last two weeks have literally been painful! The church where I work aint got no youth group, so I desided to fix that for them. This Saturday I am having a huge yard sale to raise money so the youth room can get fixed up and I can buy "fun" stuff for it. The next two weekends then will be dedicated to "creating" the room and plaining events. The 29th of this month I have planned a big "blow out" for the youth group. I searched myspace and found a kickbuttband to come and play fer it. They are commin all the way from Chico, just to play at our little church. It ROCKS! I am totally stressed about it though. Like what if the yard sale is a flop and I dont raise any money, then the event will be a flop and no kids will come to the youth group, and then everything will be a complete and udder lose. AHHHHH!!!! with that all goin on my family has divided over an ongoing fight that started 28 years ago. My moms sister (who I was living with untill the fight last week) has some issues with my parents. Things were fine, but sometimes something will trigger a fight... last sunday all Hell broke loose, and so I moved back home with my ma n pa. It sucks, but its free... so... Then the next day my cat died. I havent had time to really greeve yet, it sounds really horrible, but I have been too busy to be sad really... its just another brick to weigh me down i suppose... when things slow down I think I will cry. I havent made a credit card payment for any of my credit cards (which is over 7) in two months... lol... i am getting constant phone calls... People want me to help them or hang with them, or babysit for them, and I say yes... I have no idea why, or where I will find the time. Then... I I have too much to do then to worry about that. I hate going to work now (my aunt is also my boss) so things are very uncomfortable, and for some reason my bestest friend is being a grouch. I am so thankful to God for Daniel, even though my life is bullcrapright now, he is still holding my hand. I really need a weekend away or go on vacation or something... I dont know what the point of this blog is... im just ramballing on and on, probally boring y'all half to death... I am going to take some sleeping pills and pass out... LATER DAYS Y'ALL

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