Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Jennifers story... revised..

Jennifers story... revised..

This is a story about a girl. A story about a girl and a boy.

Once upon a time, in a not so distant kingdom lived a average girl named Jennifer. She was a very beautiful Italian with a spitfire attitude. She lived with old maid and two messy teenagers in an old golfers mansion. The teenagers would take advantage of her humble spirit and willingness to serve. One day a letter arrived at the house. It was a summons from King Walli Walla Hoca Luggie for all the available maidens of the land to attend a sock hop at the palace. Whoever could impress King Walli Walla Hoca Luggie with the best dance moves will win his son, Prince Charming Llamamans hand in marriage. Jennifer had always had a crush on Llamaman, ever since the disco day at the lake, but she was just a silly average gal, and he was oh so gorgeous with his pink polo shirt and mischievous blank stares. Oh how Jennifer wanted to attend the sock hop, even if she wasn't the winner, getting to see Llamaman was a reward in itself. The teenagers would never let her out of the house. Especially to compete in a competition that involves the winner to permanently dedicate herself to the upkeep of another residence. She had think of a way to get out of the house! All of a sudden Jennifer herd a loud rumble from outside. She looked out the window. There in the middle of the lawn was a black 1987 Ford F-250 V-8 truck. With a 8" lift sitting on 42" Wild Country swampers. Decked out with a roll bar and six KC lights. Grill bar with bull horns tied to the front and a "Git R Done" sticker plastered on the front window (which was tinted). Jennifers eyes widened as a beautiful blond stepped out of the monstrous truck holding a shotgun. "Where the heck is Jennifer?" Yelled the woman. " here... here I am, but who are you?" asked Jennifer. The woman sighed and with an annoyed sound in her voice replied... "I is Sarah, your darn fairy Godmother to make all your sugar coated dreams come true. Now get your butt in my truck, we aint got all day. Oh and put these magical plaid socks on, there SURE to catch Price Charming Llamaman's eye... " Jennifer quickly did as the not so friendly fairy asked. And the two gals were off to the sock hop. Upon arriving Jennifer was greeted then taken aside to register her name with the other zillion competitors. Shortly the sock hop began. Hours, days, and months pass, but King Walli Walla Hocka Luggie and Prince Charming Llamaman were not impressed by any of the competitors. Then Jennifers name was called, as she started busting a move King Walli Walla Hoca Luggie started to cry as Prince Charming Llamaman took Jennifer in his arms and announced to everyone that this was his true love. And they lived...

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