Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Joker

The St. Patrick's Day my toddler got high...

is a day I will not soon forget.

It was 11:30ish last night when I discovered that Elijah has opened up a childproof bottle of liquid Delsym cough medicine. To the amount he ingested I will never know. A good portion of it was spilled on the floor, on his clothes and all over his face. I had poison controls phone number in my cell phone for such occasions. So I called it. They told me to take him to the emergency room. They called ahead so that the ER will have a room available for him when we got there... which wasn't the case... I think I should write a blog about how un-hospitable Mercy Medical Center is... we were shoved in a back room basically ignored for5 hours... But that is not the purpose of this blog...
After being put in the room and ignored, Elijah started acting high. He couldn't stop moving and twitching... He was having a rad party in his head... I tried to get some pictures, but he wouldn't hold still for even a split second.

My mom and my Aunt showed up for moral support. If they weren't there I would have lost it. The uncertainty of what was going to happen made me sick. Were they going to give him charcoal, were they going to pump his stomach... we waited and waited... I went a found the doctor after we had been there an hour. He told me that we just have to wait it out and that Delsym isn't the worst thing he could have ingested... and that teenagers drink it to get high... Keeping a tweeked out toddler entertained in the nastiness of an ER room is... well... something I do not wish on anyone...

This morning my baby boy has a hangover... If I don't laugh I will cry... gah!

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  1. Wow, I dread this. I cannot believe that I have 2 little boys and have yet to make a trip to the emergency room. My Noah is a stinker though, I am sure I will soon. I can't believe they made you sit for 5 hours. I just keep thinking, "That's 5 hours I would have enjoyed sleeping."