Saturday, March 19, 2011

Enter 3rd Trimester

Seeing my sweet Anamarie's face so clearly is awesome! She looks so much like her big brother! This sweet face is busy making all sorts of movements... blinking, smiling, coughing, crying, yawning... It has me thinking about her personality. Will she be a entertainer like Elijah? Will she be a drama queen? Will she be oh so shy? At 28 weeks Ana has started having R.E.M during sleep... meaning she has dreams! I am really curious as to what she would have to dream about... dreams of listening to Elijah yelling? Dreams of the frozen fruit I ate last week? Maybe dreams of heaven and Angels???

Her feet are looking more like "Whipple" feet... I was hoping for the "Colbert" genes for my baby girls feet, but these look like her Daddies feet. Well... no worries... more feet for me to kiss! Daniel and I were checking out Bella's Boutique (which by the way has super cute used clothing as well as SUPER CUTE infant home-made novelty items), when he came across some camo cribs shoes lined with hot pink fabric. He picked them up and just "GAH'ed"... he just HAD to get them for his little girl!

After another blood test, Dr. Williams increased my Lovenox dosage to 100mg this week. He is pretty confident that this will have to be the last increase. Yesterday, he measured my belly and said I was measuring at 32 weeks and sent me for a sonogram. I am still waiting for the results of the whole ordeal. The ultrasound tech said that I will be called with the results (she can't divulge any information), but assured me, "Do not worry... just trust me, don't worry". My Mom said that the tech was entering E.D.D 6/5/11 - 6/22/11 (estimated due date), with each photo... so baby isn't measuring 32 weeks! Being on Lovenox has a risk of too much blood, oxygen and nutrients getting to the baby... making them bigger than they should be. Having the E.D.D still in the middle of June means she is measuring accurate, but maybe the amniotic fluid is increased (which still has me worried) or maybe I just ate too much that morning and had a food baby in there with her!

My Gramie got to come to the ultrasound with me. She had never been to one before so it was really fun to hear her remarks... "oh my stars"... "would you look at that"... "my goodness". She was cute!
I can feel her heartbeat now... along with all her other gymnast moves. She isn't as active as Elijah was (even her heartbeat at each Doctor visit is slower by 20 beats per minute than Eli was), but she has her moments! I have been trying to get Elijah to sit long enough to feel her move around or kick. He won't though... he screams "NO BABY". Interacting with the baby has to be his "idea" or else he protests with the whole "no baby" bit. He does, often, come over to my belly and rubs it, smiles and says "hi baby", or even kisses it. All of his buddies at Daycare are going to have/just had a sister... "sisters" is a very well discussed topic at Daycare now.


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog - and your prayers I greatly appreciate it :)
    Congratulations ON your beautiful baby!! I love that your son kisses your belly - SO sweet! <3 You are in my prayers also!! <3

  2. That's so cute that Daniel had to have the camo crib shoes.