Thursday, June 23, 2005

What If

Would life be better if I got everything I wanted? Would life be better if I was richer or prettier, or more well liked? Would life seem richer if I was able to wake up with the sun to my own clean house and the smell of coffee brewing, feeling refressed and excited about the day and not the have stresses that I have. Would life be more exciting if I had a sports car or a killer body? Would my job be more rewarding if I was a doctor or would it be more exciting if I was a top notch fashion desinger? How did my life come to the point of mediocer? Quiet life in a quiet town. Simple girl, simple job, just simple... Did I settel? What happend to the great things I wanted in high school? I was suppose to change the world... I am not famous, I have a few close friends that know my name. My life is just where I want it. Stresses excluded. Funny how I have changed. No regrets. I love this crazy tragic, almost magic, awful beautiful life...

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