Saturday, May 28, 2005

Thank You guys! your awesome!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition... I am so so so bored... blah... Today I realized what true friendship is... a true friend will admit what they really do in the shower... and Jennifer... your secret is safe with me... I have had a buttonload of friends in my short life... Some have become closer then others. A good true friend will tell you like it is and keep you in reality, but will take the time to dream with you too. A good true friend will be offended with you when guys treat you as nothing more then a sex toy. A good true friend will hop in her car with you and drive around town listening to obnoxious music while cat calling ugly guys (hey... it boost their selfestem). A good true friend will hold you when you cry and sing a simple sweet song in your ear, then make a compleate goof of himself just to see you smile. I have really and truly been blessed with a coulple of great friends that are truly awesome people with beautiful souls.

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