Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Its a Verb

Can a Jr. higher be "in love"? Do they have the mental capability to know what love really is?

Who am I to say they don't love their significant other?

Do any of us really fully understand love? Real love. The kind of love Christ has for us. A great romance or sorts.

My second biggest pet peeve is people who label their emotions too quickly as "being in love". They mistake this desire for another person as love, when it is only just an infatuation with being wanted.

love is self sacrifice, and an action word. A feeling of devotion... something that develops over time...

Infatuation is object of extravagant, like a short-lived passion... puppy love... love at first sight...

most people don't know what true love is... we say "I love this restaurant!" "I love CSI" "I love Cheetos" " I love chocolate" "I love my Prada hand bag"

True love seems to have gotten lost...

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