Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whipple Family update

Finally being able to catch up my blog...

Christmas was as always, magical. Elijah got so many fun things to play with! He really enjoyed seeing lots of family members... aka "Fans". Seeing his face after Santa came was priceless! He kept pointing to the tree and saying "was that"... it was cute. Santa brought him a little kitchen set, between each present he would get up to play with it... THEN came the Toy Story Jessee doll Santa brought. After he opened her, he had to hold her with one hand and open gifts with the other. He started getting frustrated so he decided to open the present with his mouth... LIKE A DOG!

Christmas always comes and goes in a whirlwind... so much to do before hand and never enough time once it arrives. Next year I really hope we can spend time with Daniels family during the holidays. I just really want Elijah and Baby to have them constant in their lives...

We are still living with my Aunt. Until two weeks ago I was feeling really frustrated with God, not understanding why he would keep us financially unable to move. Three days after the New Year Uncle Dave passed away. Now I understand why God has us living here. I don't see anyplace I would rather be than living with Auntie M... even though she hasn't been staying here at her house. My heart is so very sad for her... and I am thankful God has us keeping this house full and lively for her.
Dave and I got along well enough. I always thought he was a grumpy old man... but I only knew him for the last few years... and in those years he was so very sick and in an incredible amount of pain. At his memorial I got to see how much of a loving and exciting life he got to live... his family and relatives loved him very much. It makes me wish I took the time to really know who Dave was.

Daniel did have a few interviews for a promising job the last few weeks. I really felt in my heart that this was a sure thing... only God can turn a sure thing into a no-go. So we wait on Him. I am getting really nervous though. I really don't want to bring a baby home to our one room converted garage... and I don't want to bring baby home to a small apartment and deal with pot heads and gun shots again.
I wonder how much more "patience" I need to learn. I feel like God has tested me over and over and I keep failing this patience test... and then I get jealous that other people seem to always get what they want and need without putting much effort into it. God needs to give people a punch card... like Dutch Brothers Coffee... with every 10 needs tried for, the 11th one comes free with no effort required.

Elijah has been doing splendid with his speech and developmental therapy! The words and phrases he is now saying make my heart so proud! He is communicating!!! ... and driving me bonkers! I hear "Mom Mom Mom Mom Mama Mama Mama Mommy Mommy Mommy MOOOOMMMY" all day long. He doesn't ever have anything to say, he just wants me to involved in whatever he is doing.
It is hard trying to explain to a two year old where someone is that went to heaven. Elijah keeps bringing me out to the living room and pointing to Dave's chair. Dave sat in this chair all day every day. From the time he woke up in the morning till the time he went to bed. For the last few months Dave was a permanent fixture in Elijah's life. Always sitting there for Elijah to talk to. I kind of think Elijah's wild child moments the last two weeks have been brought on by Dave's absence. Elijah doesn't understand where Dave is... his world has changed a little bit and he is sorting it out. He was so used to having the option of taking a break from being in a room with Mommy and getting to bring toys out and play in a room with Uncle Dave. Now he takes those breaks by pooping on the couch or peeing on the kitchen floor.
He is making me crazy!

Tuesday I get to go in and have a two hour glucose test done... I have had one before... not during pregnancy though .With Elijah they just did the one glucose draw... something I haven't had done with this pregnancy yet. I am curious as why my OB is skipping the more simple test. I also, on Tuesday, get to have a sonogram. I will be 19 weeks pregnant....sooooo... WE GET TO FIND OUT THE GENDER! I am more than excited... it is keeping me awake at night! I am so certain it is a girl... I just have this feeling... the same feeling I had that Elijah was a boy... the same feeling I have before I get a positive pregnancy test... I just know.
NOW- if I am wrong... I won't be crushed. I honestly don't have a preference... I would be happy with all boys!
We do have names picked out... still not sure if we are going to announce a name before the baby is born... you will have to wait and see.

At 18.3 weeks pregnant, Baby is about the size of a Sweet Potato... about 6 inches long and weighing about 6 ounces. I have been feeling baby move and it catches me by surprise. I didn't really feel many "flutters" like I did with Elijah. I felt him flutter around starting at about 13 weeks. I did feel some flutters with this baby, not much... but now I feel very defined movement. I can't feel it from the outside, but it is so strong!

Last weeks OB appointment was exciting... I hadn't gone in for a few weeks so I was anxious to hear a heartbeat. I got so excited the day before and didn't sleep at all that night. The nurse put the Doppler on my stomach and I heard the sweet sounds! She said the baby was moving around fast and frequent so it was hard to get an accurate reading. My OB said I could stop taking the progesterone pills... so I haven't taken them the last few nights. I had been taking them so frequently in the last year that I think I got used to mood swings. I am feeling more emotional now, being off of them than I did on them. My OB also took me off of the 40mg (generic) Lovenox, but put me on the 60mg (generic) Lovenox. The higher dosage injections DO hurt a wee bit more than the lower dose. I think it is only because there is more medication going into your body. It just stings... HOWEVER... I found that if I do the injection after a long hot shower, the piercing of the skin doesn't hurt! yea!!! The reason for upping the Lovenox dose is because of a clot forming in a superficial vein. Surprising beings as my blood is SO THIN. I am on crazy amounts of blood thinners... just cutting myself shaving leaves me bleeding for hours! The clot is behind my knee... and it hurts! It hurts to sit and to drive... partial reason for no blog the last few weeks... it just hurts to sit at the computer. My OB gave me Motrin to help with the pain (and for the migraines I have been getting)... but I just don't feel comfortable taking them. Motrin is a NSAID... which tends to leave your blood prone to clotting. I just don't know about taking them...

That is about it... not that fun of a blog... just a boring ol' update. I will post the sonogram pictures here first... before putting them on facebook. Because I love my avid readers so much!


  1. I love that you "just know" what the baby is. I totally believe that a mom has that sense. I knew with each one of my kids by the time I was 7 weeks along what they would be. By the time I got to the third kid, Tim trusted ME with the answer, before even having to have a sonogram. Here's to having a little pink in your life!