Wednesday, February 2, 2011

21 Weeks and Sono Pics

We are over half way to 40 weeks!
Praise God!

Today we had another ultrasound, resulting in a 80% gender determination. Baby is healthy and BIG! His/her head is right under my belly button and feet are all the way down. Baby weighs just over a pound now (according to the u/s). Baby is breech, so hopefully he/she will flip for the sonogram next week and we can get a certain answer to this gender question! We did, this time, get some pretty good feet pictures and a great face picture!

This last week has been just down right awful. Pregnant women should be immune from the stomach flu. Stomach flu and still have the stinking cold from weeks ago... I feel septic... QUARANTINE QUARANTINE!

I forgot to mention two weeks ago, the start of Braxton Hicks. I thought to myself... ALREADY? I know it isn't from lack of hydration... I drink gallons of water a day!

We are excited for next Wednesday... love these ultrasounds!


  1. Yay- glad everything looks ok. Maybe this baby will make you wait on the gender :)

  2. Such a sweet little baby :) Sorry you are sick, I had the stomach flu too, I'm so so sorry! Those little feet are so precious.