Wednesday, May 4, 2011

35 Weeks Pregnant

A typical baby at 35 weeks gestation is about 12-17 inches long and can weigh 4- 5 1/2 pounds, the size of a pineapple... Today's ultrasound shows we have a chunky baby girl measuring 37 weeks! When I was pregnant with Elijah I was induced at 37 weeks... having a c-section at 38 weeks - and he was over 9 pounds!

The ultrasound today showed Anamarie is breach, well kind of folded herself into a 'V' shape. With her head and feet under my ribs and her little bum down past my belly button. Her heartbeat is great, her measurements are great (other than being big), she is beautiful!

Last night increased pelvic pain brought us to the hospital... I knew it wasn't real contractions, I was more worried about having developed a cyst... it is what it felt like to me. Turns out things are just moving a stretching, making more room for our growing girl. A few weeks ago my OB told me that my pubic bone was separating (Pubic Symphysis Diastasis), the pain that brought us to the hospital last night was just MORE separating. I never had that with Elijah... don't really need it this pregnancy either with having a repeat cesarean.

I had a leg Doppler done today to make sure the clots in my legs are not getting bigger and that no new clots have developed. I have developed some awful varicose veins in my left leg, it looks awful! I was sure that there had to be a clot, but nope! Which is good, but means that I just have icky veins, no reason for it. Dr. Williams lowered my Lovenox injection back down to 80 mg once daily, hoping to stop the black golf ball like bruises. He thinks he might switch me to Heparin instead of Lovenox... we will see. I am so thankful that this is the most boring, uneventful pregnancy I have had! Despite the countless Doctor visits and horrible injections, it has been rather droll... Dr. Williams said the other week, "this is such a blessed pregnancy." It made me cry! Thank you Jesus!

We are moving next week into our new home! I am so so SO ready to get settled... to get my babies rooms put together! Elijah is needing his own space and I need a place to put him when he gets incorrigible. I want to put Ana's dresses in her closet and be able to lounge on my couch and just think about her squishy cuteness.

I am so excited for Ana's baby shower... just a few more days! YEA!

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  1. Yay!!! You look so excited in that pic...can't wait to see Anamarie. It seems like time has flown by