Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whipple Family Update

Compiling thoughts is not something that comes easy to me at 38 weeks pregnant. My mind has turned to mush and I can't seem to make full sentences when even speaking. I am exhausted and starving all the time... and mostly just think about food - and all the chores left to do around the house. I hate housework so I thought I could become busy for a few minutes and update my blog.

Daniel has been working at Wal-Mart for about two years now. As of Day 1 at Wal-Mart he let his superiors know that he would love to transfer to ANY department that offered more hours and a higher pay. As of last week he now works in Red Bluff at the Walmart Distribution Center! Working only 3 days a week (30 hours a week total), but making TWICE the pay! God always provides for us!

This pay increase came just in time because two weeks we moved into our own (rental) home. A quaint little three bedroom one bath house. We now have a garage, front yard, backyard and laundry room! The garage will not home our vehicles, but will allow a place to play on rainy days. Our new home is also a home for an army of BUGS! Every kind of spider, an array of flying insects, and those nasty earwigs. Our Landlady told us we will have some buggy visitors because we are "out in the country", but I never thought I would be squishing and spraying so many spiders all the day long. I hate spiders too, well I don't really know of anyone who actually likes spiders... but I have a horrible irrational fear of them. I wake myself up at night with nightmares of spiders... it is so dumb!

Our new home is lovely despite the freeloading insects. Elijah has his own room to play in. Anamaries room is all set up and very pink! Our room is quiet... and to be able to sleep in my own bed has bee nice! The moving process was not as bad as I thought it would be. Moving at 36 weeks pregnant is not something new to me. We moved when I was that pregnant with Elijah... I wish we could have planned it better, but God had a different plan. My family is just amazing! They worked so hard to move all our furniture and boxes... and then unpacked everything! I am so thankful for them! Such a blessing to have them in our lives!

Elijah transitioned really well for being just two years old and moving yet again. The first two days were a bit of "end of his world total drama melt down every two minutes" kinds of days... but after that he has been all smiles, giggles and belly laughs. He is a different kid! We loved living with my Aunite M, but I didn't realize how Elijah not having his own place to play affected him. I was constantly trying to keep him quiet and out of everyone’s rooms, and out of the fridge and inside the house. Now he just buzzes around from his room to the living room... running nonstop... busy busy busy! We love it!

Doctor Williams scheduled my C-Section for June 9th. We were hoping and praying for sooner because Daniel’s Mom and Sister will be in town (They are actually flying over RIGHT NOW as I am typing this)… but will be back home by the 9th. I am not sure if I will even make it to the 9th. Ana is now sitting so low, but can’t engage because my bones are too narrow for her head. So she is just sitting there… pushing on bones… causing massive pain. What a stinker! Last week (week 37), she was measuring over 8 pounds and I was measuring at 40 weeks… I didn’t even ask what the measurements were yesterday when I went in for this week’s appointment. Williams switched me to Heperin from Lovenox. Heperin has a 12 hour life, where as Lovenox was 24 hours. That way if I go into labor, they don’t have to stop it and they don’t have to put me out for the C-Section. Daniel has been doing the injections for me. He was VERY hesitant to do them… not wanting to hurt me, but having him inject is less painful than when I would do it… AND the bruising hasn’t been as bad either.

I am excited for Daniel’s family to be visiting the next few weeks! Excited that they get to share (hopefully) the first moments of Anamarie’s life with us! Every time I think about Tina being there when Ana is born, makes me get all teary. Elijah has never met his Aunt Jennifur or his cousins… he gets to this week! They are going to have a blast!

I am ending this with prayers that MASSIVE contractions start tonight and I get to meet my Ana before the morning!


  1. We moved when I was almost 16 weeks and I felt so bad because Mike and my sister did almost everything. Glad to know Eli has transitioned well. I've been praying for the same...hopefully, Anamarie will decide tonight is the night.

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