Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Buddies and Me

This week I had the privilege of visiting with BOTH my bosom buddies!

Crystina had texted me awhile ago and asked if I could be penciled in for a visit on Tuesday... Amy spur of the moment trip to Redding had us visiting on two separate occasions.

During one of Amy's visits she asked me if I believed in soul mates... if Daniel was my soul mate. It got me thinking... I think soul mates are not necessarily always romantic counter-part. A soul mate can be a friend and of course, a sibling. I think God made specific people and put them in your life to be your soul mates. A soul mate is a person that knows you on your most intimate level... someone who knows your soul... your heart... (and STILL loves you despite what is inside).

I think of Daniel as my soul mate... I also think of Crystina and Amy as my soul mates. Whenever I think about these people my heart smiles.

I got to see Crystinas baby belly! She is simply glowing! I am so excited to share Motherhood with her! We have been talking about "Our babies" for two decades now! During her visit she said to Ana "If I have a boy, you are going to marry him" then she looked at Eli and said, "If it is a girl, she will marry you!" Eli crinkled his nose, and I said "This is something we have been planning for 20 years! There is no getting out of it!".

Besides my own pregnancy and meeting my own children, I don't think I have ever been more excited for a baby! My heart gets so excited whenever I think about that little babe!

6 more months!

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