Monday, August 1, 2011

Fatty Fat Fat Blog

What I don't understand is...

Why people feel the need to bully? When people are bullied effectively ( I say effectively because not all 'bullying' "works"...) they feel isolated... alone. I just never understood it. I like the take the Justin Beiber approach and go for "One less lonely girl in the world"... and stay away from being a bully.

And why do they point out the obvious? "You're fat"... what reaction were they hoping for? "OH MY GOD... I am?" That is like trying to make fun of me because I have toes. What really makes me chuckle is when the offender is "fat" as well. Of course the best response is none at all... in my head I am thinking... "I am fat... you are fat... the majority of the population is fat... but at least I am not a jerk. AND sugar... I know I am fat... that is why I shop in the 'Plus Size' department".

I am quite aware of what I look like... I live in my body and look at myself in the mirror. I don't see fat despite the numbers the scale reads. I see a body that has held seven babies in my womb... a body that has endured months equivalent to years of hormones to break through infertility... a body that has birthed two healthy children... and a body that my husband says is beautiful.

Bullying is pathetic


  1. Totally agree with you on that. People don't know how to accept everyone is different and regardless of size, everyone deserves to be treated as a human being with feelings.

  2. I'm sorry, are we still in high school? What ADULT ever says that? certainly not one I hope you ever talk to. I only ever get grief from one family member, I feel very fortunate. But it's amazing to me that someone would go to such great lengths to point that out. Like you said, what kind of reaction were they expecting? sometimes, people can be really stupid. You go girl.