Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Woody

What do you do when...

It is so hot outside that you are certain that a trip to the mail box will leave you melted to the sidewalk? So you stay inside... with the A/C pumping sweet cool air to every inch of your home.

But then your children start climbing the walls... they are literally taking objects and stacking them to make a ladder to touch the ceiling.

They are bored... so bored and annoying... and it is only 9am and you are already on your 5th cup of coffee... and your stash of emergency chocolate has been depleted for 15 minutes... you panic!

One kid is crying "but WHY can't I have a burp day" (birthday). "I see the napkins". (I found some decor for his party on clearance... and hid it in the closet... which he found... his birthday isn't for 2 months)

And the other kid is taking my yoga ball and slamming it into the crying kid.... with this evil look I have never seen before. She is out for revenge I am sure.

I try to curl up smaller on the couch... praying for the couch to swallow me... I need a moment.

The oven timer beeps. I reluctantly get up to take (our new favorite) Pumpkin cupcakes out of the oven. Read here on how I whipped up these in under 5 minutes!

I then have an idea!

Why can't we have a party???

I see a Woody doll fly into the kitchen... out of the hands of Eli... and he starts crying "Why can't Woody fly? I WANT EGGS I HUNGRY".

I start making eggs, it takes like 4 minutes... I am still thinking about this party... what am I going to do??? HMMMM...

I serve Eli  his eggs... and give some to Ana in her high chair.

Eli starts crying again... "I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them in this house"... he is balling his eyes out.

I didn't make him green eggs... whatever... he is being so stinking sensitive today. He is bored... we all are bored... it is too hot to go anywhere... we have been inside for DAYS.

I pick up the Woody doll... and the eggs Ana threw on the floor...


"Oh I forgot today was Woody's birthday! We need to have a party!"

Eli's face lights up! "ya it Woody Burp Day!"

"Hurry eat your eggs and go put Woody down for a nap and we will get the party set up"

Eli gobbles up his eggs, runs and puts Woody in his room... and I hear him read Woody "Green Eggs and Ham"... it is Eli's new obsession... that is where he got the "green eggs" bit from.

I go out to the garage... and dig in my "party" bucket... it has all the leftovers from all the parties we have. I find the leftovers from Eli's 2nd birthday party... WOOOO! He had a Toy Story party... perfect for Woody's Birthday Party!

 I use the pumpkin cake I made this morning for Woody's Birthday Cake. Read here how to make this scrumptious goody! 

 Eli was so excited! He was playing "host" of the party. Telling us to sign "Happy Birthday" and everything. 
 Ana wasn't sure what was going on.
 I gave Eli a gift bag, and told him to find Woody a good present... something Woody REALLY likes. 
 He gave Woody an old 'Toy Story' cowboy boot. How perfect! 

 He says "what is inside Woody? OH A ORANGE IN YOUR BOOT, no snake HAHA"
 I then lite the candle, we sang Happy Birthday for like the seventh time, and Woody blew out the candle.
 We all enjoyed some pumpkin cake.

This is how we enjoyed the 105 degree weather today... How did you beat the heat and enjoy today? 


  1. GOsh you are so extreamly smart and an amazing mommy! most moms just suffer though the moments, not you you create and make fun! I am so proud of you sar sar!

  2. That is so creative & fun! Just be careful they might decide every toy needs a birthday party.

  3. Found you through baby center. I'm a couponer too! :D

    ♥ Your Newest Follower. :)