Monday, June 12, 2006

beat that bongo

Driving down the road today I started thinking about superheroes. I wonder if life would be better or easier if I had some sort of superpower. Then i drove by a road construction site it occured to me we were amongst our very own everyday superheroes. You throw a construction suit and orange reflector on a high school dropout and suddenly he becomes the controller of every car that comes his way. He is invincible. He can stop a speeding car with nothing more than an outstretched dirty fingernailed hand. You are at his mercy as to when you can proceed with the rest of your life. I always feel bad for the guys in the middle of the road with the "stop" or "slow" signs. I always smile and wave, hoping to make there day a bit better.

I spent most my morning looking for a different job. I am getting desperate. I applied at a sweatshop of sorts. They make rock climbing harnisses. The manager gave me a pre-interview, he was nice. He told me he knows my dad and thats a plus for me because they only hire people who have worked in merchendising before. Which is odd, because the only people I saw working were little asian girls that were all speaking really fast and glaring at me with their squinty eyes. I know that they are not even making mininum wage and have only worked in stawberry fields.

My job working at Raleys isn't really that bad. I just don't like the people. My superviser is total butch and she is really mean. She thinks people talk about her all the time and make fun of her. Which its true, but it is kinda hard not to. She walks, talks and looks like a man, with really big boobs... There are some great people that I work with. They keep me saine... Most the people, however, take bagging grocieriers WAY to seriously... They act as if the customers only come to that Raleys to see them... "If you create a friendship with the customers, they will come back." They come to Raleys because it is close to their house, or on the way home from work, and they really do not care about you. The cashiers don't realize that people have lives outside of Raleys. They say we are a "family"... I have a big family, and I like them... and the people at Raleys are not my family...

So yesturday I cleaned house, made a pot roast in my crock pot and made a chocolate cake. It made me feel really "wife" like.

I am so excited for Clerks 2 commin out to theaters. Daniel has never seen Clerks, so I rented it for him... I think I need to eat something... so...

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