Friday, August 25, 2006

Let me paint you a picture

let me paint a picture for you...

It is a warm summers day at Shasta Lake. The lake is full of happy familys driving there boats around, enjoying eachothers company. My familys boat is anchored close to shore. My little brother Jacob is in the mud, covered head to toe. My little sisters are basking in the sun, browning theire tans. My Dad has his binocliers glued to his face, scouting the shore lines in hopes of spoting a fork-n-horn. My brother Zach next to him, holding his breath, praying for one also. Zach had just shot one yesturday, so it is Dads turn.

It was then my Dad jumped with excitment! "It is across the lake on the far shore, lets go"! He reaches over the boat and yanks my brother Jacob from the mud and pulls in the boat. Zach pulls the anocors in as my Dad floors the boat into gear. They speed across the lake and pull a compleat 180. Spraying the boat next to them with cold water as well as in the family boat. Amy and Katie stand up in protest "you got us wet". My dad pulls out his bow-n-arrow, Zach pushes Katie and Amy to the floor. Mean while the boat next to them see the deer also. The children in the other boat are excited to see wildlife and say "Mommy look a dear, isn't he so cute!"Just then my dad lets go and takes the shot. The screams of the children in the other boat we loud, but not as loud as the deer.

The deer colapses to the dirt and starts rolling towards the water. Zach jumps out of the boat and swims to shore, pulls the deer out of the water and guts the animal right then and there. Zach throws the guts up the hill then holds the deer up for my family to see. "Alright Daddy!" was the words said as the other family in the boat drove away screaming still...

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