Tuesday, November 28, 2006

waiting for the bad karma

I made the dressing room attendant at Wal-Mart cry... I didn't set out to be mean; it just kinda slipped... I was shopping for a new... uh... supportive undergarment... I was wandering threw the isles, she sat at the desk and I could see her watching me...

Now the choosing of this undergarment is actually a taxing experience. For me at least... the specific type I am looking for is rather uncommon... so...
I make a few selections and proceed to wait in the line for a dressing room.

The attendant working the dressing room (Who is extremely large, the largest women I have ever seen {really and truly}) starts making small talk with me. That was fine. Then she starts comparing her and I. Making comments on how we are the same. Me being the realist I am blurt out, "You, dear women, are fat. Plan and simple. I would be considered thick. You and I are much different. You say you have trouble finding a good fitting bra, that is only because you are fat. Try duck tape to keep those little boobs of yours from knocking someone out when you waddle around."

She handed me a number for a room with tears in her eyes... I felt bad, and was extremely embarrassed.

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