Tuesday, December 5, 2006

como estas? and taco bell?

That is about the extent of my bilingual abilities...

I have never felt so out of place, as I did last night. I went shopping at the mall. Seriously, I was the only not Hispanic person in the mall. Every store I went into, every cashier, every fitting room attendant and every girl working the jewelry counter knew not a single English word. I am being completely honest here. I started getting annoyed!


I went to get my haircut. A nice gentleman motioned for me to sit at his booth. So I walk over and sit down. I smile and start making small talk. Asking him how he was, and how his day had been so far. He just smiles and nods then starts cutting my hair. I stop him, and say "don't you want to know what I want done?" He smiles and nods some more and keeps cutting. So I tell him anyway... "Short, but not extremely short, wispy, sexy rockstarish... you know... just cute... same thing I have, but shorter..." and he just stares at me... so then I ask, "do you speak English?" and he says "English?" and shakes his head no.

ACK! In my personal opinion... If you work with the public you should be able to converse in the nations dialect.

So... with that... I say...

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year... I am sure you already know this. I know how you and Jesus share and compare notes... you sly dog... Anywise... For Christmas this year I would like a "Learn Spanish" cassette tape.

You're Biggest Fan,

Sarah Whipple

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