Thursday, August 28, 2008

A craving not fullfilled

I found eight dollars in my purse.

I got so excited because I have been craving pizza for days now. I call up papa Murphy's and order a large pepperoni then go pick it up.

I wait patiently for the oven to preheat then cook the pizza. The time passes soooo slowly as I wait.

My mouth waters and I can almost taste the pizza. The timer goes off and I rush to the over and take the pizza out. I then realize I already packed the pizza cutter... so I rummage through a few boxes till I find it.

I pick the pizza up and put it on a cut able surface, but as I set it down I have a contraction (not the real kind... the "pretend kind" that have been anguishing me for days now) and drop the pizza to the ground. It lands face down on my kitchen floor.

My first thought is... "Is it still eatable"... followed by "no... Gross... this floor is so dirty and full of germs"... then the tears flood my eyes. I so wanted some of that pizza. I am sooo hungry and we are soooo broke.

It is depressing...

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