Saturday, March 10, 2012

Calgon Take Me Away

Some days I feel so overwhelmed with just the basics... Dishes, laundry, meal times. Today was a one step forward two steps back kind of day. The kind of day when you realize the only thing you have eaten all day was a cup of coffee and some Gerber Puffs your baby stuck in your mouth.

The kind of day when you start to cry... and it is ok to cry... Real Mom's cry.

The only way to survive a day like today is to give in... Give in to the mess and chaos. Turn the radio up really loud and dance with your kids. Be silly and spontaneous... and when they finally go down for a nap, eat some chocolate and veg out on Pinterest.

and it is ok to give up on things like that... Real Mom's give up because they are just in-perfect people... and people get tired too.

Today's lost battle of laundry, dishes, and sticky faces is just one small battle in the war of Motherhood. Time to pull the flanks in... re-group... call in reinforcements... and try again in the Morning.

and that is ok too... Real Mom's need help sometimes... we are only human.

Funny thing... at the end of the day, on days like today, are the days that I feel the most complete. I lay in bed and cry a little... loving the crazy of the day... loving my children even more.

and that is ok too.... I am a just a Mom... and remember, Real Mom's cry too!

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