Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chalkboard Paint Fun!

I got this idea on Pinterest to use Chalkboard paint to decorate.

So I went to Lowe's and I found the paint near the spray paint. It was about $15! GAG! Lucky me... I had a 10% off coupon I picked up at the post office from the "change of address packets." You can get them any time... just walk in, they are laying around all over the place at the Post Office.

 I next visited the Dollar Tree and picked up the "silver" serving trays. They are fairly small and flimsy plastic.
 I added the first coat... waited about an hour, then added a second coat.
I let them dry an hour after the second coat. Then I used tacky stick to put them on the wall.

 I was stinkin impressed with myself, so I walked around the house looking for something else to paint with the chalkboard paint.
 I found this... thing... not sure if it is suppose to be a night stand or "ice box" or what. My Gramie gave it to my Mother... who gave it to me. We had kept the microwave on it in our old home... It is "well loved".
I had Daniel remove the hardware... not my choice, he said I should... whatever. I didn't even bother sanding it. I had enough sanding furniture for awhile. Read my post here about my two week sanding project. 
 This is after the first coat. The paint went far, but dried thinner then I thought it would.

 I used two coats... it looked pretty good. I thought I would keep it outside. It is now home to all of Eli's and Ana's outside art supplies! They LOVE IT!

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