Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peek Into the Whipple Home

Our new home is lovely! We are so blessed! I am so proud of Daniel for working his way up at Walmart, so that we can live in this home! I have had a fun time decorating... funny thing about moving to a nice home-- all your old furniture suddenly looks really cruddy. 

Being on a tight budget, but using my frugal skills- I set out to improve our surroundings.

This red dresser was given away by my Aunt. Before it was red, it was a multi-colored mess... complete with an anarchy symbol and the lyrics to a popular Pop song. I sanded the dresser lightly and used two coats of spray paint and added new knobs. 

The dresser displays my Kitchen Aide mixer and many cook books. I am so proud of my mixer! Read my post here about how I came to own such a awesome appliance. The dresser also doubles as a "pantry"... it hides all of my canned foods! 
 I used chalkboard paint to re purpose a few serving trays. I posted a blog on "how-to" here. 

This is my favorite wall in my home! Over a year ago I won the "Family Rules" subway art sign from a blog give-away. A relative of mine makes them :) I kept the sign rolled away... praying God would lead us to a home where I could properly display the sign! When we looked at the house, before we decided to move in, I saw the brown wall and knew that my subway art sign would be perfect there!

To display the sign I needed a 20x30 frame... which are unique in size and aren't sold at Walmart... I had to go to Michaels. I waited till all of their frames were 40% off, and paired it with an in-store coupon for 20% off. I then imported a few of my favorite pictures from Facebook to the Target photo processing website... choosing the "black and white" feature. Then picking them up in the store. I then went to the Dollar Store... again... and picked up the necessary size frames for the pictures I just got developed.

You can visit Alexander Creative here on their Facebook page to get your own Subway art sign! They come in different colors and have a variety of sizes and sayings. They even come on a canvas! Currently a different blog is doing a give-away with Alexander Creative artwork... you should visit the Facebook page and enter! The link is HERE

AND---- we have a fireplace! AND it works too! I can't hardly wait for winter!!! Cozy! 

My new couch... don't mind the mess around it... Children DO live here also! Daniel got me a new couch for Mothers Day... he is a pretty swell guy!

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