Friday, July 8, 2005

Essay for a class

Little Red Stang Rider

By Sarah Colbert






Buckle Bunny Friend

Ma- Now where do you think your going?

Gal- Me and some buddies are going over to the rodeo Ma…

Ma- Well, you make sure you get your rear back in bed before the morning, and…

Narrator- Gal rolls her eyes and slams the screen door before her mother can finish. Gal ain’t usually rude like that to her Ma, but tonight Gal was in a rush and ain’t got no time to dilly dawdle and listen to her Ma be concerned bout her. Gal hops in her last years model red convertible Stang GT, turns up the custom Mach sound system, revs the engine, then is on her way to meet up with her friends at the rodeo.

Gal- Oh dang, I’m bout on empty. I gotta get me some gas for my car… shiznits… I am

Gonna be super late.

Narrator- Gal turns into the next gas station, pulls up to a pump, hops out of the car and struts into the store, making sure to smile and wink at the group of guys staring at her.

Gal- Hey pal… I’ll put then on…

Narrator- Gal couldn’t finish what she was telling the dude, she stood motionless, staring at the clerk.

Dude- Ten on?

Gal- (blinks a few times to shake herself out of the trance) Ten on pump four. Dang, you’re a looker. You know that right?

Dude- (snuffs a laugh) Thanks, here is your receipt.

Narrator- Gal moseys along back outside so oblivious to the world around her that you might think this tough broad believed in love at first sight.

Dude- (yells as Gal leaves the store) You ain’t bad yourself.

Narrator- Gal looks back and winks at Dude, then thinks… “hmm, did he just say ain’t? He looks like a city boy to me, but he said ain’t…” Gal finishes her task and is soon in the dirt parking lot at the rodeo grounds with her friends.

Buckle Bunny Friend- Woohoo! Dang girl look at you. Are them new boots?

Gal- Na, these ain’t new. You look cute too! Doin your usual prowl?

Buckle Bunny Friend- Of course. You gonna join me?

Gal- No way, I ain’t like that. I come to the rodeo for the show, unlike you… Anyways, lest go get us some seats.

Narrator -After a few hours of bulls, blood, dust, mud, boots, chaps, cowboy hats, Bronx, steers and cowboy cheers Gal was back in the dirt parking lot chit chatting with some people.

Buckle Bunny Friend- Oh my God…

Narrator - The ground rumbled as a powder blue 1990 Ford F-250 7.3 litter diesel pulled up, decked out with a 96’ Ford nose, roll bar, 5 KC lights and a “Git-R-Done” decal plastered on the front window, sitting on 44-inch Super Swamper Boggers. 6-inch Sky Jacker spring lift, 6-inch custom lift reverse shackle cross member in front. 6-inch springs with a custom made shackle flipped in the rear.

Gal- Dang, I gotta get me one of those…

Narrator- A tall and very handsome guys hoped down from the monstrous truck.

Gal- Hey there cowboy, that’s a nice rig you got there.

Dude- Yep, all the better to take you 4x4in in lady.

Gal- Nice hat you got too. I like it.

Dude- You like that? I knew you would so I thought to myself… All the better to get her attention.

Gal- Your smile got my attention, you got yourself a nice smile…

Dude- Golly… thanks… so if I smiled at you would you come with me to the honky-tonk for some close dancing?

Gal- (giggles) Ya know, when I first saw you working behind the counter at the gas station I thought you was a city boy. You sure showed me wrong. The Honky- tonk? Shoot-dang boy, if your gonna take me someplace in your rig, take me up to the swamp. I’ve got me some hillbilly friends that are throwin a shindig up there. We all circle up the trucks, fire up the brush, untuck our shirts and kick some dust… Ya interested?

Narrator- Dude grabs Gals hand, they climb up in the truck and are gone in a jiffy.

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