Friday, July 8, 2005

Soul Deep Scars

Without you I walk this path in my life. You have predestined me to fail, so in succeeding I fail you. Our friendship, I thought was genuine in love, but it is only as fake as you. When was it that you realized I couldn't be you. The life you live would suffocate me with your love so untrue. Your eyes that shine, I thought once with pride only smile with my failure. Why is it that you bring me to tears of shame, though I am blameless. As I grew and began to realize my life is my own, not yours, you had to hide me from members of your world. I am not what you wanted me to be. Your so called social life did not include me. I only bring embarrassment and attract gaudy stares. I love my life, even more now that your are not a part of it. Time will pass, my heart might miss you. Even thought I can't right now, but maybe someday I might remember why I love you.

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