Sunday, June 20, 2010

Counting Blessings

This last week has given me the opportunity to honestly see the good things God has provided me in my life.

1) Elijah has two Grandpas and two Grandmas who love him unconditionally.
2) I married into a wonderful family that loves me
3) Joy has been brought into my families life in the form of a pink baby girl
4) Daniel is almost done with school, and is doing awesome with his class work
5) We have a working car that brings us to where we need to go
6) Elijah is a very healthy kid
7) We live in a great home that has a huge backyard... and we get to have pets!
8) My family is the first people I think about when I want to do something fun. I have such a good relationship with my parents and siblings.
9) Even though all the bills are due and their is never enough money to pay them all, we are happy.
10) I have a great husband that supports me in every way. He is a good Dad, and Elijah loves him so much!

For over 6 years now I have known I love Daniel. I knew he would make a good husband. I knew he would be a even better Daddy. He has surprised me time and time again with just how far he would go to show me his love for Elijah and me. I can't thank God enough for bringing him into my life.

It is so easy to forget why you chose your spouse. To get lost in the daily routine. To feel alone in trials of life. Last week God showed me just how much I did love Daniel. How much he meant to Elijah and me.

It happened so fast, that phone call should have been so much worse. Both Del and Daniel walked away with a little scratch each. Only needing a band aide! God is amazing! Eli and I need both those guys in our lives. Thank You God!

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  1. Wow Sarah, what an incredibly scary thing. I think our blog titles are exactly the same this week. How cool that the God has us seeing the blessings even in the bad things.

    I am so glad Daniel is alright.