Friday, July 23, 2010

ACOG regarding new VBAC guidelines

There are so many blogs blowing up about the new ACOG VBAC guidelines right now...

So many opinions... I just have to say that I am excited about another option. I should be allowed to try to avoid surgery if I want. I agree that the number one concern during child birth is safety of the Mother and Child... But I feel that Cesarean is offered to quickly. I completely understand that c-section is very necessary on many occasions, and to the option and knowledge of the cesarean, I am very thankful.

I was induced 3 weeks early... I honestly feel that if Dr. Skipitis (who was NOT my OB)had NOT taken me off the meds, (so he could sleep that night)that I would have progressed. I had to start the induction over twice. Being 3 weeks early I feel I needed more than 12 hours at a time to progress to active labor... I knew that I was going to have to have a c-section after he took me off the meds. I was sent home after 3 days of in-active labor. Labored at home for a week... then had a c-section. I was thrilled to have my son, so I didn't care how he arrived. I just was ecstatic to have a healthy pregnancy resulting in a very healthy baby.

Looking back, I used to wish I would have pitched a massive hormonal pregnant fit that night Skipitis took me off the meds... but now... now that TOLAC is available... I am more than excited to experience the awfulness of child birth! LOL! I just want to try... if I don't progress again... then so be it. I just want the opportunity!

I am curious as to if Mercy Medical Center is going to willingly offer the TOLAC... I know that if you drive down to Red Bluff that they do VBAC... but having such high risk pregnancies, I was seeing my OB weekly... I would not enjoy being giantly pregnant and having to drive to Red Bluff every week.

Now... I just have to wait and see when God gives me those two pink lines... waiting on God.......................

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