Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Zombie affair

Craziest dream by far....

I was working in a hospital as a MA, when this crazed Maniac was brought in. He looked similar to Manson, except oddly short. He was escorted by a police force because he had just murdered several people. He was handcuffed and... uh... footcuffed. He was brought in for a serious of flu vaccines. So an other MA and and myself were setting up vaccine trays when this crazed murderer grasped the other MA's undies and pulled them over her head... and when that happens in dream land, your head falls off. The crazy guy continues to chop off all the police peoples head with their undies... but I escape!

I RUN! The hospitals alarms are going off and all the doors were being quarantined. Then all of a sudden the crazed murderer was a zombie... and it was the end of the world... I am running, begging people to open a door so I can get away from the quarantined rooms and the zombies... I finally find a pharmacist who is escaping the quarantined rooms via trash shoot. He lets me escape with him. We are out of the quarantined area... only to be meet with chaos in the ER waiting room.

Everyone is afraid of the zombie flu so they are wanting the Zombie vaccine. I am terrified for my life so I try just walk out of the hospital. A cop stops me because I had yellow Zombie blood on my shoes. The cop was trying to bring me back in the hospital yelling... "you have to save us all! Give these people the vaccine!" ....

I was fighting the cop, trying to run away... when a Zombie on a tricycle road up and knocked over an old lady and started to eat her brain.

That is when I woke myself up... AH!

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