Thursday, November 4, 2010

The gift of morning sickness

Pregnancy after loss is such a blessing. Living God's promise for Daniel and I is something that just can't be put into words...

Our Glory baby.

However, having faith in a full term pregnancy is something I am struggling with. I feel I have been robbed from pregnancy bliss. Most pregnant women day dream about names and a baby nursery. I live between bathroom breaks... and find myself crying praises while peeing "Thank you Jesus... no blood!"

Even though I am only 8 weeks pregnant, I bought myself some maternity pants. I don't need them yet, but wearing them makes this pregnancy more of a reality for me... and they are the cutest pair of jeans I have ever owned and sooooo comfortable! I am weird... I know.

Being 8 weeks pregnant, my baby is about the size of a kidney bean... or a raspberry! Funny fact- baby has a fully formed nose and elbows at this point.

Nausea has been such a blessing during the last week. My OB is feeling extra confidant in this pregnancy and doesn't want to see me for a few weeks... which makes me nervous. So, I am extremely grateful for nausea and food aversions... that means things are working like they should and this baby is growing!


  1. I have never been so happy for someone who is throwing up in my life. I am praying blessings on you my friend.

  2. It's an old wives tale that if you have morning sickness during pregnancy that you are less likely to miscarry/lose the baby. I am so happy everything is going great for you and pray for a healthy baby for you every day. I'm just hoping that I'm blessed with morning sickness the next time I get pg because I didn't have it with either of my other two.