Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big Fat Positive

Nearly two weeks ago I thought I would pee on a stick... hoping for two little pink lines... My wishes were granted when that second line showed up... though very faint.

I tested the next two days as well getting more double pink lines... I made an appointment with my OB for the very next day.... Tuesday... I had butterflies that whole night!

Tuesdays appointment produced a BIG FAT NEGATIVE... so they took some blood... I was so confused that night. I feel pregnant. I felt pregnant even before I got the two faint lines on all three of the earlier tests. I ran out and got a digital test.

I got a call from my OB the next night saying "yes you are pregnant, however just barely... and your progesterone is dangerously low. I called in a prescription for you... go pick it up asap and start it" My heart sank!

Four days have past... I am in a state of constant worry. Trying to enjoy this... Trying to be happy. I know that fear is not of God. This fear and worry that lays heavy on my heart is from the Devil.

Daniel and I told my family yesterday at our Mothers Day BBQ. Though I am only 6 weeks along, we figured that the support of family would make our hearts not so heavy. I knew that their positive love would lift my spirits... It did!

I just have to keep positive, I believe that moods have an effect on health... soooo I just have to keep taking the meds and keep my spirits high... "Baby love... you have already brought me such joy. We love you. There are so many people out here that want to just love on you. You need to keep growing so you can play with your big brother! He really wants to play Toy Story with you!"

Just keep thinking sticky baby thoughts... oh that sounds odd!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like quite an ordeal. I am sorry that you are in such a state of worry. I must confess, I have been that way too with this baby as I have had strange pains and miscarriage scares. You know Sarah, I believe in the power of prayer, and of blogs. Writing out how you feel, being totally honest with yourself and everyone around you is the best thing possible.
    "God I pray that you will protect this baby in Sarah's womb. Though it is so small and fragile, you already have plans for it and it is so loved. We thank you for this new blessing and pray for your protection over it. In your name we pray...Amen."